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What I Wore – A Little Jason Wu For Target

Last night we trekked out to the burbs for an impromptu dinner of Chinese food with Pat’s family. We were celebrating Pat’s sister Katie’s birthday! Happy Birthday Katie!

Here’s what THIS mama wears when she goes out and about…

Jacket – H&M

Hoodie – 1984 Printing/American Apparel

Scarf – Vintage from my Mama

Sweater – Jason Wu for Target

Tanks – random tanks from my closet

Skirt – Jason Wu for Target

Tights – Target

Socks – American Apparel

Boots – Kensie

Backpack – Modcloth

I was wearing a skinny silver belt earlier in the day as well, but it was abandoned at some point during the day. I sort of wish I had it on here as it helped define my waist.

I’m super happy about the Jason Wu for Target items I ended up snagging! My bestie, Amy, and I went to Target at 7:30am on release day to get first dibs and we definitely scored big! Other than these two items I also got a cute red button up and I can’t wait to style that too!



Snippets of Home

It’s Fall!


This,That & The Other Thing

Anthropologie, Pamela Love, and Celine clearly make a great combination. I’m coveting each piece from this Autumn inspired look. I want it all!

this/that/the other thing


Outfit Post – Thrift Score!

Hello lovely people! I mentioned in a post earlier last week that I scored a gorgeous Ralph Lauren dress at the flea market for $10 and here is the proof! I’m wearing it more as a skirt because I’ve been coveting maxi skirts lately and I felt like I needed to try the look myself now that I can! Also, maxi dresses just feel way to formal to me so I’ll probably be styling this more as a skirt the majority of the time anyway.

Cropped Sweater – Sway in Berkeley

Wrap Maxi Dress – Ralph Lauren vintage from  the Ashby Flea Market $10

Necklace – Alaskan Jade – a gift from Pat’s mom Nancy

Socks – Black Thigh High from AA

Shoes – Brown Leather Bass Maryjane Wedges

Clearly I was only able to get a few pics of this outfit. I spent an hour or so at Pat’s parents on Sunday testing out my new camera. I took lots of  photos of his mom’s roses and lemon tree and I snapped a few of these outfit pics with the self timer real quick too! I didn’t have a tripod available so I was just setting the camera precariously against things and it was making me nervous. So a couple pics is all you get! I am however very proud of myself for posting outfit pics for the first time all by myself!

This also marks the fourth installment in my Dress Project! At least I’m making a little dent in my closet!


Thrift Score

Hello lovely people! I went on a little vintage hunt adventure today and look what I found! So many beautiful patterns and fabrics. Now I just need to decide what I keep and what gets sold on Etsy! See anything you like?

I’m going to have to take some of this to the dry-cleaners to get some of the musty smell out and a couple pieces have some smudges on them. Fingers crossed that the potential stains come out! I will also need to have the pink skirt pressed – I want those pleats razor sharp!

I also found a really great vintage Ralph Lauren maxi dress that I can’t wait to wear! It was only $10 at the flea market – score! It’s really lovely, but I will wait to share photos of it for when I wear it. Which will be soon!

On another note, they tried to deliver my camera on Friday and we weren’t around to receive it so Pat is picking it up tomorrow at the post office! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!


CineStyle – Pretty In Pink

Hey now! I had so much fun with last week’s CineStyle post that I had to make do another one! Please forgive me if this its too soon, I don’t want to bore you with all this movie style awesomeness! Last week I featured my favorite film The Royal Tenenbaums but this week I’m looking all the way back to the 80’s for some style inspiration! All the way back to another of my favorites – Pretty In Pink. I saw this film in the theater in 4th or 5th grade for my friend Laura’s B-Day and it had a HUGE affect on my personal style. I was one of those lone weird girls that identified with Duckie – not only did I find him extremely foxy, but I wanted to BE him. I loved the funky punkiness of his style! But the main character Andie had her own amazing vintage inspired funkiness too! I was in looooove with the two of them and was heartbroken at the end when Andie eventually ends up with the WRONG MAN.

I digress. The film has amazing 80’s style. From the rich and preppy Steff, to quirky chameleon Iona. The film has a little bit of everything! Wanna see how I interpret each character’s style in a modern way? Follow me…

Andie – Oh what a sweet and funky (am I using that word too often?) style this girl has! She is such an individual. I’ve recreated her look below by including 80’s staples such as the fedora and blazer and injected some very “Andie” details such as lots of PINK and roses.I’ve modernized the look with the amazing pink platform booties and a white maxi skirt yet kept the vintage feel with the amazing embroidered shawl and cameo brooch. Any combination of the items would look fantastic together and so “Andie”.


Andie by Rosemaryx featuring a jumper sweater

Blane – For how preppy Blane is, he really knows how to relax and go with the flow (unless of course Steff is around). I wanted to show a look that was preppy and yet relaxed and something I would actually wear myself. Since I’m not really preppy at all this was a bit of a challenge but bear with me. Everyone can wear simple oversized tees, blazers and button up shirts and the ones below compliment the colors and textures of Blane’s style perfectly. Creamy colors in Jersey and Linen reflect his relaxed attitude and sky blue looks to his ever present chambray shirt. Chambray is so relaxed and cool! But just to give it enough stuffiness to really express Blane’s true personality I added loafers and chinos in very feminine styles. Remember, I want to wear this stuff! I then added a very formal-esque pairing with the tuxedo shorts and top, large bowtie, knee high socks and b/w wingtips. The skull cufflinks are my own little bit of style seeping into this look! I pretty much want everything in this look…now!


Blane by Rosemaryx featuring lace flat shoes

Duckie – Duckie, how I love you. This was my favorite look to create because I always wanted to look just like Duckie when I was younger. Bolo ties, rolled sleeve blazers, glittery shoes, vests for layering, round sunglasses, creepers, funky prints, and very 80’s vintage inspired brooches. It’s ALL here!


Duckie by Rosemaryx featuring brogue shoes

Steff – Boo Hiss, man I hated Steff. What an a**wipe. Regardless of the man’s attitude, he had 80’s preppy down perfectly. I started recreating his style by sticking to the basics: aviators, chambray blazer, white pants, a colorful button up,  wingtips, a white tuxedo jacket and a very pricey Rolex. Then I threw in a softer look with the chambray dress, polka dot tights and white knee high socks and heeled wingtips. The look is very modern preppy, yet it is clearly inspired by Steff.


Steff by Rosemaryx featuring a boyfriend blazer

Iona – This lady is amazing! Always changing her style by the way she feels each day – she is a style chameleon. I had a lot of fun putting this set together since she has so many looks in the film. 60’s – with a full on beehive. 80’s with a stark white bob wig and geometric wiggle dress. 40’s – oh the dress and pillbox hat she wore in the film were amazing and I tried my best to recreate them! 70’s  – Punk! and full on 80’s preppy at the end of the film. What fun!


Iona by Rosemaryx featuring a freshwater pearl necklace

Once again, this was so much fun to put together. Please let me know if you have any requests for future features. I have the next on in the works – want a hint? ok ok…it is a 50’s film about ballet and some people say the Black Swan was inspired by it and it’s one of my top 5 favorite films of all time – it’s also based on a story by Hans Christian Anderson.  Know what it is?

One last thing! I’m DJing tonight! It’s 80’s vs 90’s. Can you tell which side I’m on?
Until next time!


Little Snippets – Accessories

Oh how I love my walk in closet! There is space for practically every article of clothing and accessory I own. I actually keep most things in there with the exception of some jewelry and scarves that live on, in or near my dressing table. I have a nice little set-up going on in there and I want to take some time to show you some of my favorite spots and pieces in my ever growing closet! First stop: Accessories Town!

I don’t get a chance to wear much of this as I’m not a true jewelry, hat or bag person but I love being able to take a gander at it whenever I go into my closet. The crystal and faux pearl necklace is one of my favorite vintage pieces I have and I inherited it from my mother. The gold sequin shrug is a newer acquisition and I’m just dying to wear it! The black hat is actually my newest accessory. I got it at Urban Outfitters on sale a few weeks ago and I’ve actually been wearing it as often as possible! I’ll be sure to take some outfit pics with it asap!

On another note, Pat ordered our new Canon Rebel XS on Tuesday and it will be arriving next week! I am so excited I can barely stand it!