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Nursery Wants & Haves

Here’s a little sampling of some of my favorite baby items! Many of these even already have a spot in Harriet’s nursery! I picked the crib out ages ago and the entire theme of the nursery is based on that lovely blue color as well as the clothespin dolls below and a FABULOUS piece of butterfly art my mother-in-law bought at the SF birth & baby fair several months ago. Also, I’m just dying for that squirrel pillow below!

doll baby clothesline paper cut outs

crochet butterflies/themis mobile/crochet afghan

kalon crib/lifefactory bottle/stuva cabinet

classic alphabet blocks/baby rocker/teepee

squirrel pillow

As of Tuesday I’m now considered full-term, which means I could give birth to a healthy and happy baby with no complications. However, I still have three weeks to go! We’re taking out birthing class this Saturday and have started meeting with our midwife every week now. We also have our last (?) appointment with our doula next week.

Everything is coming together. I’m nesting like CRAZY! Just trying to get everything ready for little miss Harriet’s arrival without losing it! The above photo was taken at our last midwife appointment. Pat is so cute with the instagram belly pics right now.

37 weeks down, three to go!



Snippets of Home

It’s Fall!


Toys: MOMA – Modern Kids Play House

I would have loved this as a kid!

Home: Nursery Rhyme Glassware by Fishs Eddy

i love these! i want them all.

click the pic to see the entire collection.

artisan: selma lamai

i’m coveting any piece by this lovely artisan selma lamai. check out the process she uses on her website by clicking the pics.

travel: the pantone hotel, brussells

Live in colors, dream in colors

The PANTONE HOTEL combines the strong emotions evoked by color with exceptional, vivid design and unyielding comfort. Guests enjoy state-of-the-art accommodations, distinctively chosen at reception to compliment their mood. Luxurious beds, inviting pillows, LCD TVs, and central A/C with individual controls are standard at The PANTONE HOTEL many rooms are illuminated with unparalleled views of Brussels.”

image source: interiordesign.net

jewelry: fourteen point buck ring by catbird

to purchase: catbirdnyc.com - click pic for source