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My favorite 30 for 30 Remixers!

Here are some of my favorite remixers taking part in the 30 for 30 challenge as of  right now! I STILL haven’t made it through the entire list on Kendi Everyday, but I plan on it and will be adding to this list! I’m also sure I’m missing someone as some of my favorites are going straight to my rss feed and I forgot to write them all down!

Anyway, here are some of my faves (so far)!

The Other Emily

A Little Bird Told Me

Sparrow & Urchin

By The Seat of My Pants

Work With What You’ve Got

Clothes Lady

Aerograms From Jan

Aesthetic Alterations

Bex…A Style Diary

Between Laundry Days


A Doodle A Day

All Buttoned Up

A Pretty Penny

Blue Collar Catwalk

The Eclectic Owl

A Simple Life

Cats & Cardigans

Daily Clothes Fix

Graph Paper Heart


A Reason To Be Fabulous

Closet Confections

Are any of your favorites on this list? Are YOU on this list? Do you have a favorite that you don’t see on this list? Give me your suggestions! I wanna see em!



9/Thirty – Taking Out The Trashman

So what’s up with the title you ask? Oh I was just eyeballing that trash man in the bottom boots photo. You’d think I would think to crop him out but no. Oh well! I figure he might want his 15 minutes of blog fame too! ha.

Dress – Modcloth

Boots – Oh you know, the same old brown boots I’ve been wearing.

Socks – Black thigh highs from American Apparel

Necklace – Hand made fused glass

Man was it windy today! You can tell by how much my hair is swirling around in these pics. I really love it though. I look all wind blown and romantic. Right? Right?

Enough babbling for now, until tomorrow Dearies!


8/Thirty – Oh The Romance

Hello Everyone! This is my outfit from yesterday – Valentine’s Day! I didn’t intend to wear such a VDay themed color scheme, but apparently I was feeling the love without even being aware. My Mister and I don’t really go in for this romantic holiday. We tend to spoil each other on a daily basis instead. But we DID go out to eat some Thai food and see the film The Illusionist. The film is super sweet and I highly recommend it for anyone who is a fan of The Triplets of Belleville (same director and animation team) and Jacques Tati (he wrote the original screenplay – and he makes a cameo). It’s also up for an Animated Film Oscar!

Top- Red Forever 21 Sweater

Bottom- Jessica Simpson zipper leggings

Boots – Kensie “hiking” boots. Man do I LOVE these boots. They are all furry inside and super comfy. I only wish I could wear them all year round, but for some reason they just look so wintery to me!

Tank – cheapo lace cami

Scarves – Leopard Print scarf from Calivintage/Floria Vintage giveaway and Blue flower scarf “stolen” from my sister.

It was a rainy night last night and my new Kensie boots got all wet and drippy. I actually love it when my shoes get worn in so I’m not too bummed. I honestly ❤ rain, even when its blowing so hard that my umbrella turns inside out and I end up completely soaked. This happened to me today on my walk home. It was really PRETTY though.

Until later Dearies!


7/Thirty – 7 Days A Week

I did it! I wore seven 30 for 30 outfits in a row, even though I said I was only going to do it 5 days a week! I’m so proud of myself. Now I just have to keep up this momentum!

As you can probably already tell, we went bowling on Saturday night! My top score was a bit over 100. I normally bowl better than that but it must have been an off night. Our friend Jon bowled an impressive 178 – I need to start taking lessons from HIM! Anyway, check out what I wore below!

Sweater – Black Banana Republic Cardigan

Top -Brown Oversized Tee

Bottom -Black Shorts

Leggings – Very holey striped gray footless tights – these are totally falling apart and though i love them dearly, they may have to be retired soon. Holes are one things, but these are wearing thin.

Shoes -Bowling shoes! I love the color of these! Though I had on my Diesel Trainers for most of the day. You can check those (and the layers I normally wear) below.

Jewelry – That same blue flowered scarf I’ve had tied to my wrist for a week and a pretty faux turquoise cuff from my mom.

Scarf – Pretty vintage Frank Lloyd Wright print scarf that Pat got me for X-mas last year. I love this scarf!

Here are a couple photos Pat and I took while waiting for BART to take us to the bowling party. I think i might have too many buttons on that jacket these days! They just keep adding up one and a time and I didn’t realize that there were so many of them until now!

So yeah I made it to day 7! I’ll probably be doing a recap here in a little bit so keep your eyes peeled for it.

Until next time dearies!


6/Thirty – Dress Project Number Three!

I had lunch yesterday with my boyfriend Pat and his sister Katie. She brought along her new baby Harper (a girl) and so it was a lot of fun playing and holding her while we waited for our food. Check out the amazing photo below that Pat took with his iPhone.

I spent the afternoon hosting Michael Franti at Amoeba Berkeley. I’m not the biggest fan of his music but his energy and message are amazing! He is so present and charming, interacting with him on a professional and personal level was a pleasure. I had one of those moments when I really value the fact that I’ve met someone special. It was really a treat!

And here’s what I wore!

Dress – Dosa – Here is another item that I got from the clothing swap. I really made out good on that one!

Sweater – American Apparel – X-Mas gift from my mommy

Boots -Those same boots I keep wearing from AV Clubwear

Scarf -I won my scarf on a giveaway at Calivintage!

Jewelry – Fused glass necklace I made by fusing two pieces of glass together after “painting” a spine onto the glass with gold leaf. Then I attached a chain that I took off of another item of clothing that I don’t wear anymore. The Clipper Ship Locket is from the Renegade Craft Fair in SF last Summer and I wear it all the time.

This is also the third installment in my Dress Project. There are 4 dresses in my swap picks So if you are following along to see how I will wear all of my (40) dresses this year please keep your eyes peeled. I’ll be wearing some of my other dresses outside of the 30 for 30 on the weekends!

And I’ll leave you with this amazing picture Pat took at lunch of me with the Demon Baby! I seriously can’t stop laughing when I see this. Amazing no?


5/Thirty – Day 5 in the bag!

Hello Dearies! I’m playing catch up a little bit with this post as its my outfit from two days ago – yesterday’s outfit will be up shortly. It was such a bright and sunny day again. I’m LOVING this Spring weather we’ve been having!

I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop and new ways to show you my outfits so I’ll be trying out some new PS techniques. I realized the other day that the little circle logo that I created to show which outfit number I was on was EXACTLY like the one A Pretty Penny uses. GAH! So I quickly changed it up. Now I’m just trying new things, and fonts. I really like what I came up with above.

Top – Vintage from Crossroads Trading Co in Santa Cruz. That place has some gems!

Bottom -Those awesome Forever 21 jeans again. I can’t get enough of them!

Boots -Man do I love these boots. Their pointy and purple and they have a tiny heel that I can actually walk and stand in all day long. And depending on what I wear with them they can be hella badass. I know that pointy toes are not on trend but seriously who cares about being on trend if you love an item right??

Belt -Gap Red Leather that I’ve had FOREVER.

Necklace -Pat’s mom brought this back from Alaska for me when she went on a cruise last year. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to wear it and I love it. Yay for jade!

Rings – Here’s a little mix of favorite rings. The flower one is handmade hammered metal that my aunt Lynn got me for X-Mas a few years ago. The plain white gold band was my mothers wedding ring and the big purple ring is from Forever 21. I can’t remember where the small yellow stone ring came from but it used to have a matching stacking ring in orange that I can’t find anywhere.

And that’s that. I’m really proud of the outfits I’ve come up with for this Winter edition of 30 for 30. In a few days I’ll have to start remixing major items so it’s about to get tricky. Wish me luck!


4/30 – The Four Horsemen

I particularly love this outfit I wore yesterday! Something about the whimsical Kimya Dawson Tee (hand drawn by her) just makes my heart flutter and puts me in a great mood! Then the pop of green and yellow color in this all black and white outfit could only make me smile when I looked in the mirror. It’s like children’s plastic jewelry, which is so Kimya! Haha. I’m sort of loving the chunky Doc Martens saddle shoes with skinny jeans too.

Top – Kimya Dawson Tee – I got this at her show a few months ago and she had a huge pile of Tees that she had drawn with Sharpie. I would have gotten a green or pink one but this white one was the only one with a monkey ballerina on it!

Sweater- Blue Victoria Secret Shrunken Cardigan

Bottom – Forever 21 Black Skinny Jeans – YES I am wearing these two days in a row. I ❤ my jeans.

Shoes – Doc Martens Wing Tip Saddle Shoes in Black & White – I got these at a thrift store in Columbus for 4 bucks! Score!

Belt – Three Row Studded Black Leather Belt that I’ve had FOREVER!

Necklaces – Yellow and Green Plastic

Now check out this cute rabbit!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my fourth 30 for 30 look! This one was hella fun to wear! I even painted my nails a coral pink last night just to add another layer of color. I think you’ll get a glimpse of them in todays outfit post that will go up later.

Until next time dearies!


Song/Title – The Four Horsemen by Metallica