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Quilting Time – Baby on the Way!

I made a quilt using Rachel Denbow‘s instructions in her Red Velvet Baby on the Way E-Course! Check it out!

If YOU have a baby on the way (or a friend does) and are a crafty lady, I definitely recommend this E-Course. There are 12 stunning and useful tutorials included – I plan to make a few bibs and changing pads pretty soon and I might even tackle some of the more complicated stuff too!

The Herringbone Quilt tutorial is definitely the stunner though. I have been planning to make a quilt since the day I discovered I was pregnant and it was awesome to have this handy guide to follow.

I used mostly vintage sheets for the fabrics in this quilt, along with all natural cotton batting. The Vera (green ferns) sheets are ones that I had on my own bed as a child, so it’s very special to me to include them in this quilt. It makes me smile every time I look at it! I may make a fitted sheet out of hte extra pink floral fabric to use in the crib as well – and yes of course Rachel has included a tutorial for fitted crib sheets as well! Lucky me!



Thrift Score

Here’s just a little glimpse at some items I found at Goodwill yesterday. I’ll be adding these to my Etsy shop in the coming weeks for the relaunch. I can’t wait to show you all the awesome stuff I have to post!


Outfit Post – Thrift Score!

Hello lovely people! I mentioned in a post earlier last week that I scored a gorgeous Ralph Lauren dress at the flea market for $10 and here is the proof! I’m wearing it more as a skirt because I’ve been coveting maxi skirts lately and I felt like I needed to try the look myself now that I can! Also, maxi dresses just feel way to formal to me so I’ll probably be styling this more as a skirt the majority of the time anyway.

Cropped Sweater – Sway in Berkeley

Wrap Maxi Dress – Ralph Lauren vintage from  the Ashby Flea Market $10

Necklace – Alaskan Jade – a gift from Pat’s mom Nancy

Socks – Black Thigh High from AA

Shoes – Brown Leather Bass Maryjane Wedges

Clearly I was only able to get a few pics of this outfit. I spent an hour or so at Pat’s parents on Sunday testing out my new camera. I took lots of  photos of his mom’s roses and lemon tree and I snapped a few of these outfit pics with the self timer real quick too! I didn’t have a tripod available so I was just setting the camera precariously against things and it was making me nervous. So a couple pics is all you get! I am however very proud of myself for posting outfit pics for the first time all by myself!

This also marks the fourth installment in my Dress Project! At least I’m making a little dent in my closet!


Thrift Score

Hello lovely people! I went on a little vintage hunt adventure today and look what I found! So many beautiful patterns and fabrics. Now I just need to decide what I keep and what gets sold on Etsy! See anything you like?

I’m going to have to take some of this to the dry-cleaners to get some of the musty smell out and a couple pieces have some smudges on them. Fingers crossed that the potential stains come out! I will also need to have the pink skirt pressed – I want those pleats razor sharp!

I also found a really great vintage Ralph Lauren maxi dress that I can’t wait to wear! It was only $10 at the flea market – score! It’s really lovely, but I will wait to share photos of it for when I wear it. Which will be soon!

On another note, they tried to deliver my camera on Friday and we weren’t around to receive it so Pat is picking it up tomorrow at the post office! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!


Alameda Flea – Collections

Santa! I can’t wait for X-mas. I know I know, it’s not even fall yet. These just make me ridiculously happy though. I want them all!

The $200 stuffed lion with a rotating head. I would have taken him home with me in a heartbeat…but $200? I don’t think so.

Thrift Score

There’s an amazing little vintage/antique shop around the corner from our new place and we’ve taken a couple of trips there recently. They have an incredible deal where you can fill a small box full of “stuff” for $5 and, I gotta tell you, we’ve really found some gems! Check it out!

This is just part of my little doll collection! A few of these plastic sleeping dolls came from the vintage shop down the street and some came from the Laney Flea Market. The rest mostly have been gifts and the Big Bad Wolf doll I’ve had since I was 4. If you flip his bonnet around he becomes the Granny and if you flip his skirt up he becomes Little Red Riding Hood. Can you find the Chewbacca hiding in this photo? I’m a little Chewie obsessed!

I love this cute little nut & squirrel ceramic container! The little x-mas tree has tiny dove ornaments on it. I’m pretty sure I’m planning to keep it out on display all year because it’s too cute to hide in a box!

Cute squirrel detail!

This blue ceramic bowl is gorgeous! The outside is a simple greyish white rope pattern and this inside is smooth glazed robin’s egg blue.

Pretty mod vintage folded paper flowers and a lovely little yellow fruit bowl.

I hope you enjoyed checking out my cute vintage finds! The picture quality isn’t the greatest, we’re trying to use Pat’s i-Phone at the moment because I lost my camera.

*sad face*

I’m so excited to decorate this new home and to make it someplace that Pat and I actually want to hang out in because comfort at home is so key to my happiness. It’s wonderful to know that I can customize the space and fill it with the things I love. More photos soon when I get that darn camera back!