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What I Wore – A Little Jason Wu For Target

Last night we trekked out to the burbs for an impromptu dinner of Chinese food with Pat’s family. We were celebrating Pat’s sister Katie’s birthday! Happy Birthday Katie!

Here’s what THIS mama wears when she goes out and about…

Jacket – H&M

Hoodie – 1984 Printing/American Apparel

Scarf – Vintage from my Mama

Sweater – Jason Wu for Target

Tanks – random tanks from my closet

Skirt – Jason Wu for Target

Tights – Target

Socks – American Apparel

Boots – Kensie

Backpack – Modcloth

I was wearing a skinny silver belt earlier in the day as well, but it was abandoned at some point during the day. I sort of wish I had it on here as it helped define my waist.

I’m super happy about the Jason Wu for Target items I ended up snagging! My bestie, Amy, and I went to Target at 7:30am on release day to get first dibs and we definitely scored big! Other than these two items I also got a cute red button up and I can’t wait to style that too!



Home Tour – Vanity Wall

I’m super excited to share a little view of my new home. I’ve been frantically unpacking and organizing for the last month and am excited to finally have at least one area relatively “finished”. I love to move things around a lot though, so I expect as I come across other random items as I keep unpacking boxes, that this area of our bedroom will alter a bit.  Some of my absolute favorite things have been placed on this wall – artwork I have done, my favorite jewelry, photos from my best friend’s wedding (yes she wore a red dress!) and well loved trinkets. Even my Chewbacca action figure made its way onto my vanity!

I’m thinking about expanding on the wall collage even more. I have a lot of art and random items that I’ve collected. I love really beautiful and sweet items like the beautiful ballerina figurine I scored at the Laney Flea market last year, but I am equally attracted to items like the living dead dolls and the 40’s gasmask. I ❤ juxtapositions. Also, I am not a Christian or religious in any way- I am just attracted to crosses and happen to love these two tremendously. The green one toward the top says “Amazing Grace” and was a gift from a friend years ago.

I don’t really wear a ton of jewelry or make-up so it’s a bit excessive to relegate this much space to applying make-up and jewelry. But there is something so attractive and feminine to me about a vanity area. To me it is a space to relax and pamper – and believe me I need all the pampering I can get right now. This is probably why this is the first fully “finished” area of our new home. Now all I need is a soft chair to sit on while I brush my hair before bed each night.

Do you have an area in your home that is all about pampering yourself? A shelf in the bathroom or a vanity? I would love to hear about it!


17 Weeks!!!

I was just testing out the light in our new bedroom so the photos aren’t very spectacular – but look at that baby bump! 17 weeks and counting!

Pregnancy is a little strange – stranger than I expected it to be. I haven’t felt completely connected to Avocado (our friend Jimmy nicknamed him/her Avocado and it’s sort of stuck) until very recently. This week I started to feel the little one wiggling around  and that’s been very exciting! But overall, since my pregnancy symptoms have been few and far between, there hasn’t been much of anything to connect me to the little bugger! I am, however, fitting into very few of my old clothes and that’s a sign big enough to make me feel some sort of connection to this pregnancy even if nothing else does!

I have done a few things to attempt to make it all seem more real – a few weeks ago I attended the SF Birth & Baby Fair with Pat’s sister and mother, I’ve gone through my wardrobe and removed all signs of anything that doesn’t fit me anymore, I’ve scheduled an ultrasound for 20 weeks so that we can find out the baby’s gender, I’ve made an appointment with my friend Nickie who is going to be our Doula, I’ve started a baby registry on to help me organize my thoughts, I constantly read any and all baby books and blogs that talk about pregnancy and my list of most loved baby names is a mile long. So all in all I think I’m doing all the things I can to help make me feel pregnant – now I just have to wait and let my belly grow.

All of this is just so exciting for me though! One of my biggest life dreams has always been to start a family. I am very close to my family (and Pat is to his) and the desire to bring more little ones into such a loving and wonderful family is just overwhelming! That and my strongest desire is to create a loving and nurturing home for me and my loved ones – this includes starting my own little family with Pat. I couldn’t be more happy and excited to share this dream with Pat – He’s just the most supportive person I know and I truly believe we are going to be an excellent team at raising a family.



Lovelies List – Wedding Edition

In honor of Pat’s sister’s wedding, which is JUST on the horizon, I am dedicating this installment of the Lovelies List to my absolute favorite wedding inspirations right now. I hope you find each of them as beautiful as I do!

I am madly in love with this gorgeous ring by MACHA. It is a gold plated rock – which I find humorous and beautiful all at the same time.

I’m a little obsessed with Moorea Seal’s amazing headpieces.  She just launched some new designs and I suggest you check them out! I would totally wear this in my dream wedding – in a California field of wildflowers with the sun beating down.

This is one of two amazing lace dresses that I’m coveting right now. Both would be for my dream California wedding – what I love about this D&G dress is the very gradual gradation in colors on the tiers of lace. So lovely!

Another perfect wedding dress! I would find it difficult to choose between the two but in the end would probably end up picking this delicate lace dress from Lover.

I want to wear these shoes every day – why not at my wedding too? These Chris Benz platforms would be perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Perfect terrarium centerpieces!

I am in love with these lovely and delicate looking cake toppers from Martha Stewart. Annie from Annie’s Eats shows us how to get this affect using pineapples, a muffin tin and an oven. I can just see a table full of cupcakes topped with these and a wedding cake just covered in these golden yellow flowers – how beautiful would that be?

And last but not least, Hollyhocks! Deep dark purple Hollyhocks. I can just picture gorgeous bouquets made of these, small cabbages and wild flowers. Love.


Outfit Post – Thrift Score!

Hello lovely people! I mentioned in a post earlier last week that I scored a gorgeous Ralph Lauren dress at the flea market for $10 and here is the proof! I’m wearing it more as a skirt because I’ve been coveting maxi skirts lately and I felt like I needed to try the look myself now that I can! Also, maxi dresses just feel way to formal to me so I’ll probably be styling this more as a skirt the majority of the time anyway.

Cropped Sweater – Sway in Berkeley

Wrap Maxi Dress – Ralph Lauren vintage from  the Ashby Flea Market $10

Necklace – Alaskan Jade – a gift from Pat’s mom Nancy

Socks – Black Thigh High from AA

Shoes – Brown Leather Bass Maryjane Wedges

Clearly I was only able to get a few pics of this outfit. I spent an hour or so at Pat’s parents on Sunday testing out my new camera. I took lots of  photos of his mom’s roses and lemon tree and I snapped a few of these outfit pics with the self timer real quick too! I didn’t have a tripod available so I was just setting the camera precariously against things and it was making me nervous. So a couple pics is all you get! I am however very proud of myself for posting outfit pics for the first time all by myself!

This also marks the fourth installment in my Dress Project! At least I’m making a little dent in my closet!


This & That & The Other Thing



The Other Thing

this/that/the other thing


Thrift Score

Hello lovely people! I went on a little vintage hunt adventure today and look what I found! So many beautiful patterns and fabrics. Now I just need to decide what I keep and what gets sold on Etsy! See anything you like?

I’m going to have to take some of this to the dry-cleaners to get some of the musty smell out and a couple pieces have some smudges on them. Fingers crossed that the potential stains come out! I will also need to have the pink skirt pressed – I want those pleats razor sharp!

I also found a really great vintage Ralph Lauren maxi dress that I can’t wait to wear! It was only $10 at the flea market – score! It’s really lovely, but I will wait to share photos of it for when I wear it. Which will be soon!

On another note, they tried to deliver my camera on Friday and we weren’t around to receive it so Pat is picking it up tomorrow at the post office! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!