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Hey! Thank You! – Street Eaters

Berkeley’s Street Eaters, just back in the Bay Area after a whirlwind US tour, are playing the Knockout in SF on Thursday to celebrate the release of their full length LP Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons! Playing a spastic blend of poppy and political punk rock – it’s going to be a performance that’s not to be missed! I can only imagine how on point this duo is going to be after a month of touring. So get yourself on down to the Knockout in SF and don’t forget to pick up a copy of the new LP!

July 14, 9:00pm, $5, 21+

plus, just added…THE FUCKING OCEAN

@The Knockout, 3223 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

Stream the new album here! There’s even a free download for Nation Builder available there too!

I while back I had the pleasure of taking Street Eaters official press photos and I thought this would be a great place to showcase some of their favorites from the bunch! Photography like this is new to me and we had a LOT of fun running around Berkeley to get these shots.

It’s really great to have such creative, inspiring and supportive friends!



My First Camera – Gilman Show Photo Dump

Last night was my first attempt at using my new Canon Rebel XS camera! I’m a serious novice when it comes to photography so please bear with me. I took a TON of photos last night, playing around with all the different settings. Just trying to learn and get the feel of how to use the darn thing. It was really fun! Take a look at some of my favorite pics from last night!

The bands above are Swann Danger, Loto Ball and Victims Family.

I can’t wait to learn more and take more photos!


Hey! Thank You! – Shannon and the Clams

Do you love it as much as I do when you hear a song from a local band that just fills you with good feelings? I live for it! Music is so many different things to me and I get so many different things from it. But it is something extra special when I am filled with joy because of it! Shannon and the Clams have been able to do that for me over and over again.

Shannon and The Clams new album Sleep Talk will be released on April 5th on 1-2-3-4-Go! Records and from the sound of the first single it’s going to be a doozey!I’m not even the biggest fan of garage/surf rock but there is something here that has snagged a part of me and drawn  me in. It’s more than likely the raw and emotive female vocals – that gets me every time! But really, there is so much more! It is thought out, fun, energizing and yet takes one back to a time…a time…well it could be  any period of rock from the 50’s until now!

“The Clams provide a secret ingredient that bind together doo-wop, early rock and R&B, girl group classics, 60’s garage/psych, surf and glints of punk in a way that’s hard to get across in words.”

The Clams have criss-crossed the country touring playing with bands such as Thee Oh Sees, King Khan & BBQ, Nobunny, Harlem, Crocodiles, Fresh & Onlys, Happy Birthday, The Growlers and more and they somehow found time to record a new album. A really great new album!

These Bay Area native will be playing  SF’s  Noise Pop Festival for the first time at Bender’s Bar on February 25 for FREE! I want to see you there!

Check out this free download of the title track Sleep Talk below to get a taste of the Motown meets Punk awesomeness of Shannon and the Clams!

Click Here To Listen to Sleep Talk


Music – Ottawa Re-Issue 12″

“OTTAWA– 12″ Re-Issue (from the groundbreaking 12″ split with JIHAD from 1994!!!) has been delayed longer than what was intended, but is now out! It will be limited to only a 750 copies with an amazing new master and mix plus new artwork (by Matt Weeks and Vincent Chung)! This is one of the darkest and most brutal sounding bands to ever come out of Detroit since Negative Approach. A true hidden classic that blends the speed of early grindcore with a painful hardcore precision… No fucking 90’s emo on this ripper! It includes the only recording done by this band featuring tracks that are long out of print on various comps. (Lengua Armada records) and the split LP (Council Records/ Abiology Records). So many people missed out hearing this record back over the last 16 years… do not sleep on this record!”

This is one of my top ten records of all time. If you like heavy, brutal and political punk like I do, then this is for you too! I already own three copies of the original Jihad/Ottawa split 12″ that came out in 1994 but I’ll be picking this one up to add to my collection as well! With new artwork and a few comp tracks I’ve never heard before – it is a must!


Hey! Thank You! – Chrissy Piper

My buddy Chrissy Piper is the photographer for the Free People catalog and they did a feature on their blog. It includes an interview so head on over there and check it out! She is an amazing woman and an amazing photographer. I met her years ago as a punk rock photographer but it’s been really exciting to see her other professional work.


Surrender – Hey, I know you! Thank you for what you do!

As a way of giving credit to the people I know and love for all the amazing things that they do, I am starting a new weekly blog feature devoted to creative and inspiring friends! There are so many people in my life who are doing amazing things and I want to both share them and their work with my readers as well as simply letting them know how much I appreciate what they are giving to the world, our community and me personally. Whether it be amazing photos, music, art, love, inspiration etc. I want to use this space to give them the mad props they deserve!


My friends Ariel and Paul  are the lovely couple Pat and I will be spending Thanksgiving with in LA – they just happen to be in an amazing peace punk band called Surrender. Not only are they fantastic musicians who have toured the US and Europe extensively, but their stage presence is dead on brilliant. Heather, the drummer, is SO AMAZING to watch and I’m always trying to figure out if Ariel is going to fall off the stage because she wears a mask or scarf over her face when they play. Scares me to death!

So if you want to know more about them and take a listen, there are a few links below, including a link to download the entire Surrender Discography for FREE!

From the Surrender website:SURRENDER is a peace punk band from Oakland/Berkeley, CA. The band formed in 2005 and has toured the US (in 2006 and 2010) and Europe (in 2009). Surrender has released a 4-song demo tape, a 3-song 7″ EP, a split EP with Acts of Sedition, a live cassette recorded at 924 Gilman in 2007 (hear some of that here), a full-length LP co-released with Thrillhouse Records, and another 3-track 7″ EP called There Is No War on La Vida Es Un Mus.

Download everything we’ve released on vinyl so far with this link:

Inspiration: Blonde Redhead

I’ve been waiting and waiting and it’s finally here!  The new Blonde Redhead album Penny Sparkle came out this past Tuesday and along with it a video for their single “Here Sometimes”.

Misery is a Butterfly is one of my favorite albums of all time so I was greatly anticipating the release of this new Blonde Redhead album and I AM SO PLEASED! It has such sweet melodies and simple electronic sounds. I almost wish this album came out months ago so that I could have listened to it all summer but the sweet tracks are still somehow cold and dark in their presence. They make me want to bundle up with a mug of hot tea and draw which is exactly what I’ll be needing this fall as I really put my nose to the grind.

Tea, pencils, ink, canvas, paints, a cold room, the rain pouring down outside and the sounds of Penny Sparkle filling my ears. Perfection on a chilly fall day! So bring it on!

On another note, one of my closest friends, Jonah Strauss has designed the lighting for not only their European and US tours but also designed the lighting used in this video. It’s such a lovely video and makes me anticipate their November show here in the Bay Area even more than I already did. I can’t wait to see the band perform these new songs live and for Jonah to really enhance the performance with his own style of lighting. I didn’t know much about lighting before meeting Jonah but after going to shows with him regularly for the past 3 years I have become more sensitive to the lighting. I find myself observing (and often pointing out) when the lights are seamlessly melding with the music and musicians, but even more so when they are a distraction. Clearly Jonah’s lighting is no distraction!

You can see another video Jonah designed on this Pitchfork: TV page. Just scroll to the bottom to find the Blonde Redhead video for “Not Getting There”.