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Lovelies List/Hero Worship – Charmaine Olivia

I’m devoting my Lovelies List this week to my current favorite artist: Charmaine Olivia. I discovered her work a couple years ago (on and was instantly hooked and her work has progressed so beautifully in the last couple years. She has blossomed into an AMAZING artist and every piece she does is so inspiring to me.

I originally fell in love with her line drawings, but recently her work has been focusing much more on oil painting. The thing I love so much about her work is the way she embraces dark imagery along with sumptuous, velvety paint techniques. Not to mention the absolute beauty of her subjects, including herself. Her self portraits (in painting and photography) are sensuous and personal. She is the type of woman that I strive to be: beautiful, inspired, productive and humble.

I think the images below speak for themselves.

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Workspace Pic & A Fun Surprise!

Well hello there! I did a little cleaning and organizing of my workspace tonight and took a photo to add to my Shape What’s to Come profile and I figure I would share the photo with you guys here! This space is where I do pretty much everything: sewing, crafting, letter writing, computering, drawing and zine making. Though most of the time I’m blogging in bed, NOT sitting at a desk.

As you can see, I like clutter! I feel the most creative when I’m surrounded by objects I love and paper/fabric scraps. I picked up a little though, so that you wouldn’t think I was a slob!

The vintage typewriter was a gift from an old friend and I love it so much! I try to use it as often as possible but it needs new ribbon. I’ll have to get on that! This is the entirety of my CD collection. I really DO NOT like CD’s at all and most of these are the remnants of what I collected while I worked at the Virgin Megastore in Columbus, OH before it closed. They are mostly promo copies. I sold the majority of what I had about 2 years ago to make room for all my albums! Yes, vinyl. I am a vinyl lover and collector – one day I will share my vinyl collection with you! (oh do I feel the spark of a new blog feature idea coming on?)

You probably can’t tell from this image but I have all sorts of photos and fortunes and cards and such tacked up all over the place. I love collecting ephemera! It’s definitely a passion of mine. Which brings me to another reason for this post – I have FINALLY started my Etsy storeWild Weeds & Dirty Hair! I spent my evening compiling and photographing (poorly – but to the best of my ability) hand assembled Vintage Ephemera Packets. They can be used for ATC’s or scrapbooking or if you’re like me, you could use them for collage art or zine making. I spent a lot of time really curating what would go into these small packets so please take a look at what I came up with!

I had a lot of fun putting these together and it finally gave me a reason to pick up my workspace. It’s pretty much been a disaster since my working on my Heidi Braid Headband. Yay for productivity! Yay for new adventures!


Outfit Sketch and Coral Lipstick

I bought a little Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch Box the other day and have been so excited and motivated to use it. Since I’m waiting (impatiently) to order my new camera I decided to do a little sketch of the outfit I’m wearing today and I think it turned out pretty good. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

I also bought some pretty NARS lipstick in Heat Wave. I’ve been coveting the coral lips I keep seeing everywhere and figured I needed to invest in a good lipstick! I rarely wear lipstick because my lips are so thin and I don’t particularly like to bring attention to them but for some reason this color just WORKS. It feels so natural and comfortable¬† – for once.

What’s your favorite lipstick color?


Hey! Thank You! – Chrissy Piper

My buddy Chrissy Piper is the photographer for the Free People catalog and they did a feature on their blog. It includes an interview so head on over there and check it out! She is an amazing woman and an amazing photographer. I met her years ago as a punk rock photographer but it’s been really exciting to see her other professional work.