Notes From a Happy (and Healthy) Pregnancy

As you can see, in the photo above, babies love me. haha. Welll…this particular baby didn’t want anyone other than his mother or father to hold him. But it’s a pretty fantastic photo don’t you think?

I’ve been thinking that it’s becoming necessary for me to write down some of my thoughts about my pregnancy. I talk about it a lot with friends and family – particularly with Pat – but I get something completely different out of really assessing a situation for myself and writing it all out. So here goes!

I’m going to attempt a natural birth in a hospital with a nurse midwife and doula. I’m regularly watching what I eat and recently cut coke and coffee out of my diet completely. The only regular craving I was having was for coca-cola, which is TERRIBLE for me. Maybe it would be ok if I were drinking it once a month of so, but I was drinking it several times a week. Pat constantly attempted to keep me in check and make sure I wasn’t overloading on sugar and nitrates and all that funky stuff – but it wasn’t until being reprimanded by my midwife that I actually listened and cut it from my diet.

I’ve replaced the coffee and coke with an Herbal Infusion of 2 parts Red Raspberry Leaf, 2 parts Nettles, 1 part Oatstraw, 1 part Alfalfa, 1/2 part Rose Hips and 1/2 part Peppermint (for flavor). My doula was super excited when I told her that that was what I was drinking everyday. She even said that she drank a similar infusion while she was pregnant and that the amount of nutrients (vitamins and minerals) that I am getting could replace my prenatal vitamin completely. I haven’t decided if I will actually attempt to cut the vitamin but I do believe that 2 weeks of drinking up to 6 cups of this infusion has made a drastic difference in my mood, heartburn, leg cramps and headaches.

Pregnancy has been way tougher than I expected, but I’m managing. The severe migraines I had throughout my first and second trimesters have stopped (thanks to vitamins!) and now I’m just sitting back and watching my belly grow (and move). I LOVE feeling our little girl move around kicking and punching. It’s really the best way I’ve found to connect with her on a primal level. I really just love it.

Besides the heartburn, backache , carpel tunnel and leg cramps I feel pretty good. I was feeling a bit sad and alone for a while there – I am a social person and have felt really detached from my family and friends. I rarely want to go out – its just too much work for this aching body. So, I’m trying to make attempts to invite people to our house so that I don’t have to put forth too much of an effort to go anywhere. If people come to me then I am already at home when I lose the energy battle and need to hit the hay.

Also, I love clothes and fashion and I just wasn’t feeling like myself in all the depressing maternity clothes I had – they just weren’t “me” if you know what I mean? I recently got a new pair of black skinny maternity jeans and that ONE THING totally changed everything for me – I feel like ME again! Now I just need to work on getting a pair of shoes that fit because my feet have started to swell!

All in all I KNOW that to stay happy I have to feel good about myself. I hate to put so much emphasis on clothes and socializing and such, but its just a fact of life for me. If one pair of jeans, a movie night with friends and a baby shower can completely change how I feel about myself, then so be it!

I spent a lot of time in my second trimester building a Baby registry on that basically covered everything we would need. We are not rich by any means and simply can not afford to buy all of the things that babies need on day one! I was really careful to only include items that we would actually need and leave out all of the superfluous items (though I did throw in a few cute things I admired – and picked the most adorable crib and bedding EVER!).

We have three baby showers (amazing!), one of which was held last week in Ohio, and most of the bigger items like the stroller, co-sleeper, diaper bag and  pack ‘n’ play have already come to us. It’s fantastic to know that we have many of the things we need already! And we still have two more showers to go! I am SO THANKFUL for our wonderful family and friends who are being so amazing and supportive. It’s really a wonderful thing and a wonderful time for us. A lot of pressure has been taken off by our wonderful friends and families.

Another awesome thing, is seeing all the adorable little girl clothes start to roll in. I’m starting to get so excited to dress up our little Avocado in all of these precious get-ups. We’ve got everything from sweet pink princess frocks to plaid oshkosh overalls to a missoni for target onsie to a mini hello kitty tee-shirt! So much awesomeness!

All of this is a reminder that I am healthy, my baby girl is going to be healthy, I am happy and I have friends and family who love and support me when I need them. It’s all so wonderful and when I’m feeling down, all I need to do is remember how happy and excited my loved ones are for us, and I am motivated to be excited too. So thank you to EVERYONE for all the amazing support. We love you all so so much. And, thank you to my regular blog readers for taking the time to read this and helping me create a safe place for me to share all of my thoughts on my pregnancy and this time. You are beyond special to me!


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