Garden Love

Here are a few photos from my mom’s garden from when I visited Ohio last week. This is one of my absolute favorite spots in the world. My mom has spent so much time, energy and money working on her little bit of land. She is super resourceful and even built the shed all on her lonesome! She’s my hero! Just check out all the little spots scattered around the garden. It’s like a little treasure hunt.

I ❤ sitting in this garden on a hot summer day. It was really nice to get a chance to take advantage of it for my baby shower last weekend. I promise more pics to come!


2 responses to “Garden Love

  1. WHAT?! Are you from Ohio too??? I’m from Dayton! We must hang out soon since we are both Oakland girls now!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  2. That i am! Columbus. I ❤ Dayton though. I used to go there a ton in the early 90's. I would LOVE to get together! I'm 7 months pregnant though and don't get out much. Maybe we can meet up for tea. email me!

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