Home Tour – Vanity Wall

I’m super excited to share a little view of my new home. I’ve been frantically unpacking and organizing for the last month and am excited to finally have at least one area relatively “finished”. I love to move things around a lot though, so I expect as I come across other random items as I keep unpacking boxes, that this area of our bedroom will alter a bit.  Some of my absolute favorite things have been placed on this wall – artwork I have done, my favorite jewelry, photos from my best friend’s wedding (yes she wore a red dress!) and well loved trinkets. Even my Chewbacca action figure made its way onto my vanity!

I’m thinking about expanding on the wall collage even more. I have a lot of art and random items that I’ve collected. I love really beautiful and sweet items like the beautiful ballerina figurine I scored at the Laney Flea market last year, but I am equally attracted to items like the living dead dolls and the 40’s gasmask. I ❤ juxtapositions. Also, I am not a Christian or religious in any way- I am just attracted to crosses and happen to love these two tremendously. The green one toward the top says “Amazing Grace” and was a gift from a friend years ago.

I don’t really wear a ton of jewelry or make-up so it’s a bit excessive to relegate this much space to applying make-up and jewelry. But there is something so attractive and feminine to me about a vanity area. To me it is a space to relax and pamper – and believe me I need all the pampering I can get right now. This is probably why this is the first fully “finished” area of our new home. Now all I need is a soft chair to sit on while I brush my hair before bed each night.

Do you have an area in your home that is all about pampering yourself? A shelf in the bathroom or a vanity? I would love to hear about it!



2 responses to “Home Tour – Vanity Wall

  1. so personal, so warm, very nice!

  2. love it all! it looks so… you. I have lots of little “just me” areas, but my jewelry is a disaster area! I tried the nail in the wall thing you have going on, but I’m lazy and hectic at the same time, so things were always getting knocked off, tangled, etc… I may be a lost cause! Glad you are nesting happily!!!

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