17 Weeks!!!

I was just testing out the light in our new bedroom so the photos aren’t very spectacular – but look at that baby bump! 17 weeks and counting!

Pregnancy is a little strange – stranger than I expected it to be. I haven’t felt completely connected to Avocado (our friend Jimmy nicknamed him/her Avocado and it’s sort of stuck) until very recently. This week I started to feel the little one wiggling around  and that’s been very exciting! But overall, since my pregnancy symptoms have been few and far between, there hasn’t been much of anything to connect me to the little bugger! I am, however, fitting into very few of my old clothes and that’s a sign big enough to make me feel some sort of connection to this pregnancy even if nothing else does!

I have done a few things to attempt to make it all seem more real – a few weeks ago I attended the SF Birth & Baby Fair with Pat’s sister and mother, I’ve gone through my wardrobe and removed all signs of anything that doesn’t fit me anymore, I’ve scheduled an ultrasound for 20 weeks so that we can find out the baby’s gender, I’ve made an appointment with my friend Nickie who is going to be our Doula, I’ve started a baby registry on Amazon.com to help me organize my thoughts, I constantly read any and all baby books and blogs that talk about pregnancy and my list of most loved baby names is a mile long. So all in all I think I’m doing all the things I can to help make me feel pregnant – now I just have to wait and let my belly grow.

All of this is just so exciting for me though! One of my biggest life dreams has always been to start a family. I am very close to my family (and Pat is to his) and the desire to bring more little ones into such a loving and wonderful family is just overwhelming! That and my strongest desire is to create a loving and nurturing home for me and my loved ones – this includes starting my own little family with Pat. I couldn’t be more happy and excited to share this dream with Pat – He’s just the most supportive person I know and I truly believe we are going to be an excellent team at raising a family.



One response to “17 Weeks!!!

  1. just catching up on your blog after so long…..congratulations!!!! how exciting!

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