The Vegan Omnivore – Sweetie Pie and Savory Tart


Man, who doesn’t like pie? It’s a good thing my Prego Cravings include fruit, because it’s stone fruit season and I LOVE me some plums and apricots and peaches – and they make GREAT PIE! My CSA box from last week included apricots and so I decided I would use them (and some remaining blueberries and fresh figs from my fridge) in some galette style mini pies. I got the pie crust recipe from Crumpets and Cakes and adapted the recipe a bit from her Spiced Plum Mini Galettes – mine aren’t so mini and there is no spice and I used apricots and figs…but the crust is the same!

Also, I will be joining Sukaina from Sips and Spoonfuls in this month’s Monthly Mingle! Stone Fruits are the theme for the month so I jumped at the opportunity!  I’m super excited to participate and I can’t wait to see all the other stone fruit recipes the other bloggers come up with!


The tart I made is a standard recipe that I loooove to make. I roast the beets in foil in the oven and caramelize some onions. Normally I would spread a cream cheese and ricotta mixture on the crust as the filling but this time I was inspired by Crumpets and Cakes again! I used her Beet Tart recipe for the crust and the filling – though I left the goat cheese out of the filling and instead crumbled it on the top. The Pie and Tart crusts she uses are phenomenal! I’m not sure I’ll ever use another crust again!

I marinated the roasted beets over night with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, chopped fresh parsley and salt and drizzled the remaining marinade onto the top of the tart after it came out of the oven.  I followed the Crumpets and Cakes recipe pretty closely as far as baking time and such but added the caramelized onions as a topping as well as goat cheese and a sprinkle of shredded parmesan toward the end of baking. Ricotta, goat cheese and parmesan – yum!

Both of these recipes were PERFECT for our little Sunday picnic with a simple side salad and some fresh roasted veggies and a mango salsa style salad.  But I couldn’t eat another piece of that tart for a while! I’ll have to think of something new to make with the rest of the beets I have – Borscht anyone?



One response to “The Vegan Omnivore – Sweetie Pie and Savory Tart

  1. Grace- your galette/ pie looks gorgeous. So refreshing. Thanks for taking part in Monthly Mingle.

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