Sunday Picnic in the Park

Sunday in the park! Wahoo!

I’ve been craving a lazy day spent laying in the park reading and socializing with friends and that’s just what I got this past weekend! I organized a little gathering of close friends, did a little baking and minimal food prep, lugged some sheets to the park and laid around for a while reading Watership Down with my Honey until some friends showed up to lay around and eat with us!

Somehow I managed to miss photos of the food (though the tart and pies will have a separate post all their own) but I prepared a picnic smorgasbord!

Roasted Beet & Goat Cheese Tart/Lemon Dilled & Grilled Summer Squash & Onions/Green Salad with Tofu, Corn, Walnuts, Currants & Poppy Seed Dressing/Mini Fig & Apricot Pies/Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade

My friend Spenser brought tons of lemonade, OJ and PBR for Shandies and Natalia brought her homemade Mango Jicima Salad – SO YUMMY and fresh tasting!

There’s nothing like a lazy afternoon at the park with friends!


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