The Vegan Omnivore – Super Natural Everyday

In case you didn’t know it already I love cooking and baking. These are things that have a way of calming me and nurturing my creativity.The big problem being that my kitchen of the last year was mostly useless. We had ONE burner on our electric stove top and the oven temperature would just keep rising the longer the oven was on. I would attempt to remedy this by leaving the oven door propped open and doing my best to regulate the temp – with little success.  I’m pleased to say that our new place has a fully functioning gas range! Time to spend quality time in the kitchen again with my favorite cookbooks and ingredients. Time to join our local CSA again without fear that the fruits and veggies will simply go bad. Time to relax and enjoy my absolute favorite past time – cooking for family and friends!

I recently purchased Heidi Swanson‘s (of 101 Cookbooks) new book Super Natural Everyday and am loving it! My copy is already battered and dog-eared and I’ve meticulously marked all of my favorite recipes that I plan to try. Last night I decided that regardless of having exactly the right ingredients, I would try out a couple of the recipe’s from the book. I started off by trying the Buttermilk Cake with Plums – I added fresh blueberries which I bought specifically to try out the Baked Oatmeal this weekend. I didn’t have whole wheat flower on hand so All Purpose White Flour was the stand in. I honestly think this recipe would have benefited from the Whole Wheat Flour, however the cake still turned out lovely – dense, semi sweet with just a touch of tartness from the plums and blueberries. I also substituted my own homemade “buttermilk” by using 1 1/2c soy milk with a TBS or so of apple cider vinegar added. It’s not quite the same thing but works in a pinch when it’s all you have available to you!

I also decided to try out the White Beans and cabbage recipe that graces the cover of the cookbook. Ever since I became pregnant I have been craving beans of all kinds – Pat HATES them! So I took it upon myself to prepare this recipe solely for me. Calling for white beans (I used white kidney beans), shallot, potatoes and cabbage the dish is a simple and quick dish that can be made any time, however it lacked seasoning  so I added a bit of dill weed and cider vinegar to the recipe and a tad extra salt as I tend to like foods that are heavily seasoned. I enjoyed it with a big glass of rice milk and tucked the leftovers into the fridge for later tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing how the flavors have combined now that they have  marinated for a while.

As you can probably tell my passion for food has intensified since I became pregnant, and though I may crave a daily fountain coke, I am trying to eat as healthily as possible – both to provide our little growing pipsqueak with the best nutrients I can  and to get into good eating habits for the future.

There are a plethora of recipes in Super Natural Everyday that I will be trying out so do expect to see some more posts in the future, but I also want to start including more of my own concoctions as well. I love to experiment in the kitchen and have been working on compiling my own home cooking style cookbook for a while now. I hope I get a chance to share those recipes here with you too!

By the way -It’s a tie!

Score: VEGAN 1 (White beans & Cabbage w/o Parmesan) – OMNIVORE 1 (Buttermilk Cake – would have been vegan if I had used an egg substitute)



2 responses to “The Vegan Omnivore – Super Natural Everyday

  1. gack! that all looks so good! I made on the fly strawberry muffins last night, but in my study crazed mindset I put 1 3/4 cups instead of 3/4 cup of curdled soymilk in so I then had to estimate how much more flour, etc.. to use. happily, I guessed right, but ended up making 2 dozen muffins! We NEED to have a dinner night soon, hopefully over here so you can take home some urban-farm fresh eggs with you!

  2. this is my current cookbook obsession! i think i’ve made about half of the recipes thus far….i even took it to the cabin in alaska with me. 🙂 my favorite (so far) are the chanterelle tacos. make them!

    also, your little baby bump is coming along, isn’t it? you look so cute!

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