It All Starts Here!

Ok, so….I have big news! There is so much to tell it’s overwhelming! Good things are happening to me and it honestly feels like this is the beginning of a new phase of my life. It IS a new phase of my life!

First off, can you see my little baby bump in the photo below? Yes I have a baby bump!

This picture was taken two weeks ago at Pat’s sister Rachel’s beautiful wedding. As of writing this I am 14 weeks pregnant and Pat and I are both as excited as can be!

I am due in late December and I expect my mother, sister and aunt Jennifer  to come out the week of my due date. I simply can not wait – I love my family and any chance to see them is worth the pain! Haha. Even the pain of child birth!

Pregnancy has been such a wonderful thing thus far – and I can’t wait to write more about it. I was very lucky through my first trimester and haven’t had much morning sickness (if any). The only really terrible symptom has been daily Migraines – which I am already prone to. While this has been awful, I do feel like they may be behind me (knock on wood). I don’t plan on this blog becoming a mommy blog – but I am open to the natural progression that may come with FAMILY becoming my major priority in life. So do expect to see more family oriented posts and posts about pregnancy. I don’t intend for it to take over though. I still want to post about my favorite things, music, fashion and art. This needs to be a place that inspires me to be who I want to be. THAT is what it has been about for me since day one – and I plan for it to remain that way, for a long long time.

This pregnancy alone is enough to make me feel like now is time for a new beginning, however there is so much more! Not only are two about to become three, but we are moving into a cozy new apartment this weekend.  We’ve both loved many of the places we’ve lived in recent past, but right now we are so excited to create a cozy home together. We won’t be moving far from our current apartment, but the living situation will be drastically different. First off, there will be the little pipsqueak coming along in December, and we will only have ONE roommate this time (we are each used to having many) who is one of our very best friends in the whole wide world! There is an awesome shared patio space where we can grow veggies and have BBQ’s. We are determined to make this home comfy, beautiful and some place we really want to hang out in together and with friends or family. I love my community and I want to give back to my friends and family as much as possible. Creating a space for people to come together is crucial to my (and Pat’s) happiness and feelings of security.

But that’s not all! I will be spending my Wednesday’s solely and completely working on my own indie business adventure – starting NOW! I will be putting quality time, energy and creativity into creating a cohesive online store of handmade and vintage items. My plan is to relaunch my Etsy store in a months time – fully stocked, beautifully curated with thoughtfully taken photos. This includes getting back to my regular posting schedule on this blog as well! Posting several times a week helped keep me sane for the first year, and since my blogging hiatus started I just haven’t felt the same. Maybe that’s the first trimester of pregnancy speaking, but I am so ready to dive in deeply again! One little hint of something new though, there is likely a name change and blog makeover in the works in the next couple months. So keep a look out for that!

And there is still more! In the coming months, I will be traveling like I’ve never done before! My friend Amy and I will be visiting another friend, Sabine, in London and Paris this August. I’ll be visiting my family in Columbus Ohio to give them all a little belly worship time in September. And finally in October I will be visiting Austin for the first time ever (doctor/midwife allowing) for a family wedding! So much awesome travel, I simply can’t stand how happy this makes me! If you have any suggestions for things to do, places to eat or see in London, Paris or Austin, please let me know! I would love to hear your ideas!

Yes, it all starts here. Life, love, family, art, inspiration, creativity, comfort, camaraderie and passion – a whole new breed of the old familiar desires I have always had – and now they are within my reach.  Thank you Pat for giving me such an awesome gift. And thank you, my readers, for being here to share all my secret (and not so secret) joys with!



3 responses to “It All Starts Here!

  1. yay on all counts!

  2. Wow! Great presentation of your themes. Good presentation. Thanks.Beautiful bangladesh

  3. wow… many things to be excited about! cant wait to see what you do for your shop and on the blog and super excited to hear about your travels. i went to school and lived in austin for years and just came back from a summer trip there. once october gets closer i will be happy to give you some great tips. congrats again on the baby……being a mom is truly the most amazing thing!

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