Lovelies List

I know, I’m a little late posting this Lovelies List this week! I’m exhausted from last weeks craziness at work and have been playing a game of catch up.  I am so in love with this list though!

This gorgeous inexpensive ring

This beautiful photo from the 70’s. The entire series is just beyond.

This Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress

Artist Olafur Eliasson – I saw his exhibit at SFMOMA a few years ago and it was just spectacular. The installation below is actually a snapshot of the wall, when you walk into this room it affects water on the floor and that is projected on the wall. Genius!

This quadruple rainbow dress – so so pretty.

These sexy gay boys!

This Bunny Bag from Mandy Coon and Of A Kind!

This white tattoo – IN LOVE.

These Platform Shoes by Charles Anastase

These inexpensive sexy sunglasses!

This fantastical collage. I just love it and not being able to find the original source is killing me.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks list as much as I did making it!

Happy Weekend!



2 responses to “Lovelies List

  1. love everything on the list! not to sound lame…… but, it’s the first time anyone has ever linked me. kind of exciting! thanks so much!

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