SF Anarchist Book Fair

I spent yesterday at the San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair. I had a really great time perusing the tables of books, patches, diy guides and zines. I even left with a couple things. But most of all I left with a ton of great pics of the day!

One of the best parts of the day was just the time spent with good friends. I was able to sit and chat it up with my friend Natalie (above with the zine) and my friend Jimmy and I laid in the park for a while watching the punk rock yoga class that was under way! It was hilarious being so so lazy while watching people sweat their tushies off in an intense yoga class.  Most of all It was exciting to hang out with my sweet friend Amy of 1984 Printing who was tabling the event. We had a great time! Oh and isn’t she just adorable?

While I was there I picked a few things. The pretty flowery patch shown above came home with me. Its made by a lovely lady named Jen Lorang. Check out her website for more designs here! I picked up some Scarlet Runner Bean seeds from Finney Farms – they were selling some amazing books and beautiful hand dyed yarn as well. I was also able to pick up The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook which I’ve been looking for it for what seems like forever!

But in the end it was back to the East Bay for me!


One response to “SF Anarchist Book Fair

  1. I haven’t spent a day laying around in park in it seems like forever!! must remedy that soon!! …. as I look out & see that is drizzly outside. haha

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