Lovelies List

Mac black make up. In love.

This gorgeous photography by Croix Gagnon & Frank Schott

This outfit by Andy of Style Scrapbook – I seriously want that jacket!

Firework Studies: Pierre Le Hors – so so pretty

I love this brilliant paper sculpture by Anniwili Highfield

This outfit by Off Of Broadway – I am just a tiny bit obsessed with maxi skirts right now. This skirt is no skirt at all – it’s pants!

Flowers in the Attic – so much nostalgia going on here!

This tree cocooned in spider webs in Pakistan is fascinating

Suspiria is one of the prettiest films ever. You might not feel the same way as it’s a horror film, but to me it’s aesthetically beautiful.

I might actually buy this vintage camera bag for my new camera!

I’m in love with the idea of this moth tattoo – I found this photo on Pinterest with no source link. I would love to give credit where credit is due though!

There’s sure a lot of black in this collection this week! I guess I’m feeling gloomy. But seriously, I don’t really look at this page and see gloom and doom, I see freshness. Can something so dark feel so fresh? Have I really list my mind this time?

On another note, Pat and I saw the film Super earlier this evening and it was AMAZING. If you like dark comedies (the darker the better) like I do, then this should definitely be on your must see list. It instantly shot into my favorite films of all time. It’s that good.



One response to “Lovelies List

  1. beautiful collection! I have seen that moth tattoo photo somewhere before, it’s gorgeous!

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