Thrift Score

Hello lovely people! I went on a little vintage hunt adventure today and look what I found! So many beautiful patterns and fabrics. Now I just need to decide what I keep and what gets sold on Etsy! See anything you like?

I’m going to have to take some of this to the dry-cleaners to get some of the musty smell out and a couple pieces have some smudges on them. Fingers crossed that the potential stains come out! I will also need to have the pink skirt pressed – I want those pleats razor sharp!

I also found a really great vintage Ralph Lauren maxi dress that I can’t wait to wear! It was only $10 at the flea market – score! It’s really lovely, but I will wait to share photos of it for when I wear it. Which will be soon!

On another note, they tried to deliver my camera on Friday and we weren’t around to receive it so Pat is picking it up tomorrow at the post office! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!



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