Lovelies List

Here we go with another weekly installment of Lovelies hand picked by me!

This gif – ❤

This amazing website – Lazer Tits!

The Magritte Museum – I wanna go!

This awesome drawing by Lisa Hanawalt

This beautiful embroidered necklace from Spin Thread on Etsy

This abandoned house in Detroit – Heartbreakingly lovely

This interview with Marcel Duchamp

This drawing by Walmor Correa

This adorable blogger

This gorgeous vintage style  wild flowers photo – I want to take photos like this!

This photo of Lindsey Wixson – she is so strange looking and it’s mesmerizing.

I hope you’re having as much amazing luck with the weather as we’re having here in the Bay Area. It’s downright beautiful right now! I want to head down to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and play carnival games, swim in the ocean and ride some roller coasters! Instead I’m stuck at work on this crazy Monday. What would you get into today if it wasn’t Monday??


One response to “Lovelies List

  1. the abandoned house photo… made my heart sad & happy all the same time.

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