Little Snippets – Accessories

Oh how I love my walk in closet! There is space for practically every article of clothing and accessory I own. I actually keep most things in there with the exception of some jewelry and scarves that live on, in or near my dressing table. I have a nice little set-up going on in there and I want to take some time to show you some of my favorite spots and pieces in my ever growing closet! First stop: Accessories Town!

I don’t get a chance to wear much of this as I’m not a true jewelry, hat or bag person but I love being able to take a gander at it whenever I go into my closet. The crystal and faux pearl necklace is one of my favorite vintage pieces I have and I inherited it from my mother. The gold sequin shrug is a newer acquisition and I’m just dying to wear it! The black hat is actually my newest accessory. I got it at Urban Outfitters on sale a few weeks ago and I’ve actually been wearing it as often as possible! I’ll be sure to take some outfit pics with it asap!

On another note, Pat ordered our new Canon Rebel XS on Tuesday and it will be arriving next week! I am so excited I can barely stand it!


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