Spring Wardrobe Essentials

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what I need (and want) for spring. Pale pastels are a new desire for me – I normally tend to gravitate toward black and red – but I’m loving this new color palette!

So, what do I need? Soft lightweight knits, sunnies, a loose fitting maxi skirt, some pale pastels to mix into my regular wardrobe, denim shorts, hats, spring/summer appropriate jewelry, a pair of brogues and a pretty pair of platform shoes.

The Karen Walker sunnies and Chloe Sevigny Platform Maryjane’s above are two of my most coveted items right now. If anyone knows of a place to score similar items for less, please let me know!

I want to try to incorporate a pair of shredded denim shorts into my spring/summer wardrobe and have been trying to figure out what I could pair with them and still feel covered and comfortable. I’m rather insecure when I wear revealing clothing, even in the summer time. I don’t like to show too much of my bare legs because they are very muscular – I think that bare legs look best in shorts when they are very thin which mine are not. I figure the best way for me to get around this preference is to wear thin thigh high socks (which are needed for the chilly Bay Area evenings anyway) and some leg lengthening shoes – something pointy or with a low heel.

The outfit above incorporates a few items that I am normally too uncomfortable to wear such as a hat, shorts and sheer fabrics. I want to challenge myself this summer!

Is there anything you are normally too intimidated to wear and plan to challenge yourself with by wearing? I would love to hear about it!



4 responses to “Spring Wardrobe Essentials

  1. I’m drooling over so many of these pieces! Definitely my summer wish list!

    • oh i can see so much of this on you for sure! we have very different style so it would be interesting to see how we each styled the same pieces! I love that we both love this stuff. ❤

  2. I love the picks! I practically lived last summer in a pair of shredded jean (short) shorts. Have you thought of maybe wearing crocheted tights? something like these -> http://preview.tinyurl.com/3mrfxs3


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