Social Networking – Yeah I Do It Too!

I recently started a new blog on Tumblr to help save all of my most coveted images and links. I think that so far it has been a place that really can document my personal aesthetic well. It’s called “Wild Weeds & Dirty Hair” and I’ve actually been considering changing the name of this blog to that. I think that it more accurately describes me and the direction I want to see this blog taking. I’ve also been planning a major blog overhaul for the near future. I would like to streamline and simplify. I’m excited yet nervous to make changes, but I think that in the long run I need to change to get to a place I want to be. Change is good!

There are so many social networking sights out there and I, like many people, like to take advantage of many of them. I love social media and social networks. There are a few that I’ve recently become obsessed with such as Pinterest and Boutiques that have really played a key role in helping me define my style. Then there are Twitter and my Facebook page which I am just now getting the hang of. And of course there are the style blog the basics like Chictopia, IFB and Flickr.

a pic taken with my terrible camera phone

With so many social networking sites, I figure I should give you all a little taste of what I am up to all over the internet. I LOVE making lists so some of my favorites are Pinterest and You should definitely check those out! And please follow me on Twitter, its such an easy way to find out what is going on with this blog and to make comments as well!

Anyway, here are all of my social networking sites in one place, just for you!











and don’t forget follow me on bloglovin’ here:



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