Thai Brunch Sunday

Pat and I have a new tradition! This week and last we headed out on Sunday morning  to the local Thai Buddhist Temple. They do an awesome brunch there every Sunday that is just fantastic. It’s very popular so also makes for great people watching. This week I got a Thai iced coffee and a Pho style soup. It was chilly yet sunny and I was glad to have such a hot and yummy soup to warm me up!

After brunch we walked over to the Ashby Flea Market. This market in particular doesn’t have much to offer and I rarely, if ever, find anything of any value to buy. But again, good people watching! I did see a couple big boxes of old photographs that I thought about going through but Pat quickly pulled me away before I got sucked in.

All in all it started out as a lovely day and I spent the rest of the day in the kitchen! Expect a post tomorrow all about my kitchen endeavors!

Did YOU have a great Sunday too? What did you get into?



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