CineStyle – The Royal Tenenbaums


I’m really excited for the feature I am releasing today! I will be taking my favorite films and interpreting them into outfits that I would wear. This first time around I’ve taken the film The Royal Tenenbaums as my muse and highlighted each character’s individual style. Wes Anderson puts a lot of thought into how he presents his characters to his audience and he uses their own personal sense of style as a sort of uniform that gives clues as to who the person is. It’s one of my favorite things about watching a Wes Anderson film. So please, take a look at my own modern interpretation of these Royal Tenenbaums character’s uniforms!

Margot – Margot is one of my favorite characters in all of cinematic history. I love her morose attitude as well as her fashion sense. I’ve updated her look by including a Missoni dress in place of the traditional Lacoste version, as well as adding a camel colored Carven coat in place of her ever present fur. My favorite item though might be the zebra double ring which hints to the play she wrote as a young girl in which she dresses as a bloody zebra. All of her signature pieces are present: barettes, penny loafers, gloves, dark eye-liner, a camel coat and her Birkin bag. The lace dress is reminiscent of the one she wore in the wedding scene and the slip comes from the bathroom scene – two of my favorite scenes of the film!

Ritchie – To me, Ritchie and Margot have a very similar aesthetic. They have both adopted and use the camel color that their father uses, and they also both wear sportswear – Ritchie in his Fila and Margot in her Lacoste. Their color story is so similar. Ritchie even wears Blue Blocker sunglasses emulating Margot’s dark circled eyes. Signature pieces: Fila sportswear, camel suit, Blue Blockers, sweatbands, slippers and a camera for taking pictures of himself to send to his family. The tennis skirt and racket necklace are thrown in to bring a little more femininity to the collection.

Chas – Here I’ve taken three looks from Chas’ film wardrobe. He predominantly wears the red Adidas track suit and blue Adidas trainers throughout the majority of the film, but there are a couple moments where we see him in a different light. At the end of the film we see a glimpse of the family at one of Margot’s plays and Chas is decked out in a Tuxedo. I have emulated that look with a very tux inspired dress, heels and a tux jacket. The ring and flats are a play on the dalmatian mice that Chas bred as a child. The gray suit, shirt and navy striped tie also go back to his childhood where we always see him in this get up! I threw Buckly and the duffle bag in for good measure!


Chas by Rosemaryx featuring a black jacket

Eli Cash – Putting together Eli Cash’s collection was pretty fun because he’s such a crazy character! Again, I added all the signature stuff such as: cowboy hat, boots, fringe jacket, western shirt, and the red suit and plaid tie he wore as a kid. The fun stuff I added is the crazy make-up he wore when he crashed his car into the Tenenbaums’ house while the wedding was taking place. I also threw in a skirt and a couple more pairs of fun wingtips – just for the heck of it!


Eli by Rosemaryx featuring cowboy boots

Etheline – Pretty pastels, skirt suits, little buns and round glasses. That is Ethel’s wardrobe of choice. We see her at young Margot’s birthday party in a pretty red chiffon dress and pink cardigan. We see her walking through an excavation site with Henry in jeans and a big warm parka. We see her about to wed Henry in a pretty lace dress, pink heels and pink lipstick. She’s predictable, yet there are many facets to what she will wear.

Royal – I want to think that Royal has the most “out there” look of them all, but it’s not really true. His signature looks consists of a gray pin stripe suit, a brightly colored button up shirt, a camel coat, wingtips, black framed glasses and a brightly striped tie. In a few scenes we see him with his (unnecessary) cane. We also see him wearing a Kongol hat a few times – like when he takes Chas’ boys, Ari and Uzi, out for an adventure.


Royal by Rosemaryx featuring a beret hat

Henry Sherman – Henry is the love interest of Etheline and a kind-hearted gentle man. Which is probably why Anderson put him in gingham – Henry loves the simple things. We usually see Henry in a blue gingham shirt, blue blazer, bow tie and brown wingtips – always with a square of handkerchief in his pocket. I’ve thrown in the skirts and thigh high socks to feminize this very masculine look. Also, feel free to wear those adorable bow ties as hair clips, headbands or necklaces!

Raleigh St Clair – This was the hardest collection to put together! We only really see Raleigh in a purple turtleneck and tobacco colored corduroy blazer. I wanted to expand on that look and find some feminine ways to interpret it. I added a long khaki skirt in place of the chinos that he would have regularly worn and some puzzle bangles to emulate the block puzzles he used to test Dudley’s IQ. I also added a couple different pairs of basket weave shoes – mainly because I just thought they were beautiful and I feel like they are cohesive with Raleigh’s spirit. But, of course I have kept in tact just a few signature pieces such as his wire framed spectacles, vintage tape recorder, wooden puzzle, purple turtleneck, camel blazer, red flannel PJ’s and electric toothbrush!

Bonus: Dudley – How could I put this post together without at least giving a nod to Dudley!? This character has some of the most choice moments in the film. I love his quirky look: a ringer tee, fishing hat, corduroy pants, ear buds and geeky wire rim glasses. I made this a little more female appropriate with a pair of corduroy shorts and a skirt, but I think overall this outfit is any hipster’s dream with or without the feminine touches – ha!


Dudley by Rosemaryx featuring a pleated skirt

This was SO MUCH FUN to put together! I’ve been wanting to do a The Royal Tenenbaums post for quite some time as it’s my favorite film.

So, would YOU where any of these outfits?Any favorite pieces? I would love to hear your feed back! Would you be interested in seeing more from this feature? and if so, are there any films that you would like to see me take on? I’m open to suggestions!


4 responses to “CineStyle – The Royal Tenenbaums

  1. This is awesome! It’s such a cool idea and I’m thrilled that you started with The Royal Tenenbaums. It’s also one of my all time favorites, I even have a tattoo from it!!

    • oh wow that’s awesome! I’ve been planning on a series of Wes Anderson tattoos for a while now. I should get one that!

      I would love to see yours! Mind sharing?

  2. i used to be obsessed with the royal tenenbaums! this is a great idea. you should make another one/ a whole series! 🙂

  3. i love what you’ve put together & i love the connections you made between margot & ritchie’s wardrobe. as much as i love that film & analyzed the characters clothes that’s never occurred to me 😀

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