Heidi Braid Headband – Project ReStyle #1

Well well well…I finally got off my tushy and did a little Project ReStyling! I’ve been coveting the Heidi braids that everyone is wearing. Just when my hair got long enough to put it up into Heidi braids (Feb 1, 2011 ) I cut off several inches! Durr! I’ve been waiting impatiently ever since for my hair to get long enough to put braids back up on top of my head. I’m sooooo close to reaching that goal but since I am the impatient lady that I am, I figure I should just fake it for a while. See the result below…

I love my little DIY project and first attempt at Project ReStyle! It started out as a tortured tee shirt I had laying around for quite some time. I cut it into thin strips – pulling them tight so that they curled up. I then sewed the ends to a piece of extra jersey left over from the sleeves. I braided the strips and sewed up the other end with another sleeve. Then I put my hair up in a loose bun and tied the headband below the bun and tucked the ends under. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out but I think I will keep experimenting until I perfect it. Maybe next time I’ll use a hot pink shirt!

I’m pretty proud of how it turned out but I definitely want to keep experimenting with different techniques. I might add a piece of elastic to the bottom next time instead of a tie.  Also, sorry I didn’t get any before photos. It was a simply black tee shirt with holes and bleach stains. I think we all know what those look like!

Have you been participating in Project ReStyle? I would love to see what sort of DIY up-cycling you’ve been doing! Please posts links in the comments section so I can check out your projects too!


3 responses to “Heidi Braid Headband – Project ReStyle #1

  1. Cute!! 🙂 Your headband is lovely!!

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