Camera Advice?

This week I will be ordering this:

I’m anxious and nervous and definitely very very excited! Its taken me months to do all the research and to make sure I’m getting the right camera for me! And since I am a beginner – a novice – I’m still pretty unsure of my choice. I knew that I wanted to step up from the basic point and shoot camera’s that I’ve been using for work and play, but was still unsure of what I needed and what my skill level would allow me to learn easily. Since I am a total photography newbie I didn’t want anything with too many doodads. I’m not sure I reached that goal as the very essence of the DSLR is a complicated one. Aperture, white balance, exposure and all that technical stuff I know nothing about has sort of put massive amounts of fear in me. HOWEVER, I am so willing to try and learn it! I want to be able to take nice photos, ANY photos. Right now my lack of a decent camera leaves this blog a little dry visually. I lack control and have to depend on others to take photos for me. I have no control over interesting visual content. Also, I would really like to be able to use photography as a way to research and explore imagery for my art work.

So there are several reasons for wanting a decent DSLR as opposed to the point and shoot I used to use and Pat’s iPhone. Control being one, inspiration being another and finally, a simple challenge. I love being challenged to learn something new and am really excited to learn how to use my new to-ol/oy!

So before I actually order the darn thing, I am looking for a bit of advice. If you have any opinion or knowledge about this Canon Rebel XS and its performance, usability, etc please share it here! Also, if you want to suggest another option please share why here! I can use all the advice I can get!

What I will be using the camera for:

  • blogging – lifestyle, outfit and food pics.
  • inspiration photos for sketching/painting
  • documenting my life
  • hopefully making art – taking beautiful pictures



2 responses to “Camera Advice?

  1. from what i’ve heard, this is an excellent choice. i can tell you that i have a nikon D70, and it’s almost TOO much camera for me. it’s a bit bulky, so i’ve been eyeing the canon rebel for years now. 🙂 let me know what you think once you have it!

  2. will do! From what i hear the body on this XS is very light. I’m almost worried that it will be too light.

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