Lovelies List – Change Is Gonna Come

A little list of some of my favorite things I’ve found online over the past few weeks.

This gorgeous Valentino dress is making me wish there was a wedding in my future – sort of. Wouldn’t it make a perfect unconventional wedding gown?

I’m seeing Lady Gaga at the end of the month at Oracle Arena in Oakland. I’m just a tad bit excited. But only a little.

This crochet beard is making me swoon!

This shot by the Sartorialist is perfect. I want to be this woman!

This nude Jimmy Choo patent leather luggage! So pretty – so out of my price range.

The gorgeous paintings of Takato Yamamoto.

This cake!

Lou Reed & Laurie Anderson – a perfect pairing?

For some reason I am in love with this dress.

This feathered hat is calling to me – and at $44 it might just become mine!

Australian label Lover – AW11

The best vintage frames.

And last but not least, these platforms will be mine!

I definitely see myself moving more toward neutrals which is strange because I’m normally a huge fan of color. Also, I’ve begun to find myself attracted more to the colors blue and coral for the first time ever. Change is definitely in the air.

Are you finding yourself attracted to things you never thought you would be attracted to lately? It’s not just me right?


3 responses to “Lovelies List – Change Is Gonna Come

  1. I actually really like that photo of Lady Gaga. That’s awesome you’re going to get to see her, even though I’m kind of sick of her at the moment and don’t like her latest song I’d like to see her in concert. I think it’d be phenomenal.

    Dimepiece dress is available here for $10 less by the way.

  2. excellent. thanks for the tip!

    I’m pretty excited to see Gaga, but I totally know what you mean. That new song is not good. It’s a shame really. I’m sure its going to be a fantastic show though, I have excellent seats!

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