Outfit Sketch and Coral Lipstick

I bought a little Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch Box the other day and have been so excited and motivated to use it. Since I’m waiting (impatiently) to order my new camera I decided to do a little sketch of the outfit I’m wearing today and I think it turned out pretty good. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

I also bought some pretty NARS lipstick in Heat Wave. I’ve been coveting the coral lips I keep seeing everywhere and figured I needed to invest in a good lipstick! I rarely wear lipstick because my lips are so thin and I don’t particularly like to bring attention to them but for some reason this color just WORKS. It feels so natural and comfortable  – for once.

What’s your favorite lipstick color?



2 responses to “Outfit Sketch and Coral Lipstick

  1. Black Honey from Clinique. I like the idea behind your post today. I barely think about what I wear but I did yesterday and I felt great!

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