8/Thirty – Oh The Romance

Hello Everyone! This is my outfit from yesterday – Valentine’s Day! I didn’t intend to wear such a VDay themed color scheme, but apparently I was feeling the love without even being aware. My Mister and I don’t really go in for this romantic holiday. We tend to spoil each other on a daily basis instead. But we DID go out to eat some Thai food and see the film The Illusionist. The film is super sweet and I highly recommend it for anyone who is a fan of The Triplets of Belleville (same director and animation team) and Jacques Tati (he wrote the original screenplay – and he makes a cameo). It’s also up for an Animated Film Oscar!

Top- Red Forever 21 Sweater

Bottom- Jessica Simpson zipper leggings

Boots – Kensie “hiking” boots. Man do I LOVE these boots. They are all furry inside and super comfy. I only wish I could wear them all year round, but for some reason they just look so wintery to me!

Tank – cheapo lace cami

Scarves – Leopard Print scarf from Calivintage/Floria Vintage giveaway and Blue flower scarf “stolen” from my sister.

It was a rainy night last night and my new Kensie boots got all wet and drippy. I actually love it when my shoes get worn in so I’m not too bummed. I honestly ❤ rain, even when its blowing so hard that my umbrella turns inside out and I end up completely soaked. This happened to me today on my walk home. It was really PRETTY though.

Until later Dearies!



2 responses to “8/Thirty – Oh The Romance

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  2. Fave Thai food in the area? I am always searching for another fab place!
    & love triplets of belleville!

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