6/Thirty – Dress Project Number Three!

I had lunch yesterday with my boyfriend Pat and his sister Katie. She brought along her new baby Harper (a girl) and so it was a lot of fun playing and holding her while we waited for our food. Check out the amazing photo below that Pat took with his iPhone.

I spent the afternoon hosting Michael Franti at Amoeba Berkeley. I’m not the biggest fan of his music but his energy and message are amazing! He is so present and charming, interacting with him on a professional and personal level was a pleasure. I had one of those moments when I really value the fact that I’ve met someone special. It was really a treat!

And here’s what I wore!

Dress – Dosa – Here is another item that I got from the clothing swap. I really made out good on that one!

Sweater – American Apparel – X-Mas gift from my mommy

Boots -Those same boots I keep wearing from AV Clubwear

Scarf -I won my scarf on a giveaway at Calivintage!

Jewelry – Fused glass necklace I made by fusing two pieces of glass together after “painting” a spine onto the glass with gold leaf. Then I attached a chain that I took off of another item of clothing that I don’t wear anymore. The Clipper Ship Locket is from the Renegade Craft Fair in SF last Summer and I wear it all the time.

This is also the third installment in my Dress Project. There are 4 dresses in my swap picks So if you are following along to see how I will wear all of my (40) dresses this year please keep your eyes peeled. I’ll be wearing some of my other dresses outside of the 30 for 30 on the weekends!

And I’ll leave you with this amazing picture Pat took at lunch of me with the Demon Baby! I seriously can’t stop laughing when I see this. Amazing no?



2 responses to “6/Thirty – Dress Project Number Three!

  1. the baby’s expression is hilarious
    your necklace is beautiful, really unusual looking, I thought at first maybe it was made from some old medical equipment or something like that.
    great blog! you’re so funny

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