5/Thirty – Day 5 in the bag!

Hello Dearies! I’m playing catch up a little bit with this post as its my outfit from two days ago – yesterday’s outfit will be up shortly. It was such a bright and sunny day again. I’m LOVING this Spring weather we’ve been having!

I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop and new ways to show you my outfits so I’ll be trying out some new PS techniques. I realized the other day that the little circle logo that I created to show which outfit number I was on was EXACTLY like the one A Pretty Penny uses. GAH! So I quickly changed it up. Now I’m just trying new things, and fonts. I really like what I came up with above.

Top – Vintage from Crossroads Trading Co in Santa Cruz. That place has some gems!

Bottom -Those awesome Forever 21 jeans again. I can’t get enough of them!

Boots -Man do I love these boots. Their pointy and purple and they have a tiny heel that I can actually walk and stand in all day long. And depending on what I wear with them they can be hella badass. I know that pointy toes are not on trend but seriously who cares about being on trend if you love an item right??

Belt -Gap Red Leather that I’ve had FOREVER.

Necklace -Pat’s mom brought this back from Alaska for me when she went on a cruise last year. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to wear it and I love it. Yay for jade!

Rings – Here’s a little mix of favorite rings. The flower one is handmade hammered metal that my aunt Lynn got me for X-Mas a few years ago. The plain white gold band was my mothers wedding ring and the big purple ring is from Forever 21. I can’t remember where the small yellow stone ring came from but it used to have a matching stacking ring in orange that I can’t find anywhere.

And that’s that. I’m really proud of the outfits I’ve come up with for this Winter edition of 30 for 30. In a few days I’ll have to start remixing major items so it’s about to get tricky. Wish me luck!


One response to “5/Thirty – Day 5 in the bag!

  1. that is a really cool shirt. and purple shoes? nice.

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