Things That Make My Heart Beat Faster…an incomplete list

Hello all! I’ve been curating this list of things that make me happy for about three years now and figure its time to share it with you. It’s constantly changing as I add and take away fro the list but right now I think it is pretty true to me. Enjoy it!

Things that make my heart beat faster…

contemporary art museums

anarchists and atheists

people with a refined sense of STYLE

artwork that looks like it was done by a 6yo yet is really done by an adult with an amazing sense of irony and simplistic beauty


skins and mods (this goes hand in hand with the style thing a bit-boys in sharp suits and parkas! girls in pencil skirts and penny loafers. FRINGE! plaid. cardigans. clarks desert boots. you get the picture.)


dark comedies


lemurs and monkeys

DIY culture



the ocean at night while i’m listening to man is the bastard

collecting the rarest vinyl by bands that no one has ever heard of and completely obsessing over them



hitchhiking and hitchhiking culture


DOUBLE BASS…”play faster!”

tattoos and piercings

dance parties

amazing haircuts (or lack thereof…a good head of hair is sexy whether it be dreadlocks or a precision cut bob-i don’t discriminate!)

sails–and sailboats–but mostly the sails

irish whiskey—and single malt scotch

PAPER-i collect paper scraps and ephemera…i have three huge boxes of it in my room

experimental noise bands

stuffed creatures and dolls made for adults


60’s black chicago

the ideas and emotions associated with LUST

science fiction that challenges what i think i truly believe…such as Heinlen and Card

old friends becoming new again

baths (in claw-foot tubs)

making things with my hands

receiving gifts of items others have made with their hands

SHOES-seriously what would i do without a closet full of heels? it’s not even like i wear them!

modern architecture and prefab building

wool felt-what a beautiful tactile object felt is!


art supplies



thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets, and yard sales

taxidermy and old bones, antlers, hair/fur and teeth



2 responses to “Things That Make My Heart Beat Faster…an incomplete list

  1. this list got my heart beating a little faster too! Wonderfully curated Lady!

  2. Thanks miss! I’ve been working on it for a long time and I know there are more things I love but I really think these are the important ones. Chewbacca should probably be on this list though, I have a true unnatural obsession with him.

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