Style Defined

How do I define my style? I don’t rightly know, but I’ve created a list of clothes, styles and themes that I love. Maybe you can help me define my style! First thing first, I want everything I put on my body to be comfy and wearable. Clothes should make me feel good about myself not make me uncomfortable and often I wear things just because they are there in my wardrobe whether I like them or not. Bad move Grace!

I started an account at and while picking items I love from all over the internet it has made me more aware of what I like. This doesn’t necessarily reflect what I actually wear, as even my extensive closet is limited. But I’ve come to realize that my edgy punk aesthetic really CAN mesh with my love of pretty dresses and whimsy. What do you think? Am I right or am I delusional?

Here are some of the trends I’ve discovered in my favorite items. I would love to figure out how to define my own personal style based on these items.

pretty dresses

















roomy tees



What Styles Do I Like?

Punk/Rock – black skinny jeans, denim jackets, leather boots, band tees

Boho – feathers, stone jewelry, lace

Avant Garde – color blocking, artistic, Bauhaus, patterns

Vintage – dresses, jewelry, bowties, 70’s, 80’s, 40’s

Harajuku – whimsy, color, dark, fun, layers

What Do I NOT like?

Tops – Tops totally screw me up and I often feel silly wearing then. Which is silly itself. I like dresses, skirts, tees and pants. Maybe I should attack this problem, or acquire more awesome roomy tees! I think one thing I need to do is figure out what sorts of tops I DO like to wear, like Flannels and Tees, and get rid of all the frilly feminine ones hanging in my closet.

“Street” Style –  I think I embrace this style out of comfort but am really truly annoyed when I do. I don’t really want to ever leave the house in jeans and trainers and a logo sweatshirt. Icky. I do it all the time though. I should just throw those clothes out! I’m not really into Trainers, Logo Tees  or sweats. And my addiction to Hoodies sort of hurts my heart. But apparently hoodies are totally staying in my wardrobe, I couldn’t live without them.

Hippy Style –  I live in Berkeley and have a strong urge to push the boho me down a little. Don’t get me wrong I love floral prints and tooled leather, but fringe and tie dye just rub me the wrong way completely. Partly, this must be because of my upbringing. I was surrounded by hippies at a very young age and I LOVED THEM. I guess the hippy thing just rubs me the wrong way, it seems really false to something that I greatly appreciated as a child. Nothing about the hippies I see on Telegraph Avenue even resembles the hippies I grew up knowing. I CAN NOT wear TIE DYE. I even get a little wary when I move in the direction of Ombre or Dip Dyed items, though I love them. But tie dye and fringe are certainly out.

Shapes I Don’t Like – I do not like most wraps, maxi dresses, halter tops, body conscious dresses, strapless tops, boat necks and open toe footwear.

What Will I Do Now?

Once I gain an understanding of what I love and how they work together then I am going to spend the next year really trying to make it all work. So you will be seeing more daily style posts from me! Including a series of personal style posts based on all the dresses in my closet – The Dress Project – which you may have already heard about.

Here are the goals I am setting for myself this year. Some have been completed and some are still on the horizon.

  1. Define my personal style
  2. Re-haul my closet – Now that my style is defined I went through my closet one item at a time and purged all the items that didn’t fit with what I want to be wearing. It’s way too easy to throw something on just because its clean and available, even if I don’t love it. I honestly feel that re-hauling is a constant. I went through and purged a few weeks ago and held a clothing swap. But I definitely feel like even more can go!
  3. Hold a clothing swap – Check! This was a great way to get rid of all the unwanted clothing I found in my purge to people who might actually love it! And I found some awesome stuff in return! Everything left over was donated to charity and that’s always a great thing!
  4. The Dress Project – I have  39 dresses in my closet (up 4 due to the clothing swap) though this number will hopefully be reduced a bit with more purging. The thing is, I don’t wear them often enough at all! I have resolved to wear every dress in my closet at least once before 2012 and blog about it! If I can’t convince myself that it is something that I will wear again I must get rid of it – BEFORE I allow myself to buy another dress. ha! This is going to be a tough challenge for me! Can I do it? Will I cave? I guess we’ll find out. I’m not known for being disciplined.
  5. Post more personal style posts – at least one weekly! This is in addition to my Dress Project feature. I want to push myself to think about my style more and really create some interesting outfits to wear on a daily basis, not just for posting. I don’t think style blogging should be only for the camera, if I would show it on my blog I should be able to wear it in real life.

So, do you have any thoughts? Ideas? Do you think the items above can all work together to form a cohesive style? Am I on the right track? I don’t want to completely over think my wardrobe but I do want to make it functional and any advice is welcome!



2 responses to “Style Defined

  1. i love this, grace! it’s got me thinking! 🙂

  2. Thanks miss! I really have been feeling alien in my clothes lately and that needs to change for real.

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