3/30 – Three Times A Lady

I’m pretty into this outfit today! I wasn’t sure how I was going to wear this vest but I really like it! I think I’ve only worn it twice before and it’s such a great piece I hate seeing it just sitting in my closet.

I’m standing in the Classical section at Amoeba right outside my office door. I figure I’ll keep the record shelf theme going from my 30 picks post. I happen to LOVE vinyl. Just a little fact for ya in case you hadn’t already picked that up. Anyway, on with the photos!

Top – Brown Roomy Tee  from the clothing swap I hosted

Vest – Moschino Cheap and Chic – Gift from a friend – This is another item I am worried about remixing which is why I decided to work it in this early in the game. I plan to wear it at least three times.

Pants – Black Jessica Simpson Zipper Leggings – these are perfect. They have a high rear so I don’t have to worry about showing crack. ha.

Boots – Brown Vegan-friendly from AV Clubwear – The shoes are cheap, very very cheap. I don’t recommend shopping for shoes from AV Clubwear at all. Though they appear better quality in this photo.

Bag – Gentle Fawn from Modcloth – X-Mas Gift!

Jewelry – I “stole” this pretty scarf from my sister when I was in Ohio. I can’t seem to take it off! I love it. The black jelly bracelet is from my friend Jimmy. I love him.

Today was a heavy work day but those sorts of days make me feel super productive! I was supposed to start my internship today but it got pushed back a couple days. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Until tomorrow Dearies!


Song/Title – Three Times a Lady by The Commodores

4 responses to “3/30 – Three Times A Lady

  1. I love this look! You are one lucky duck with that bag, so cool!

  2. thanks miss! Yeah I am so in love with this bag. it holds everything and is a dream for my bad back! AND its hot as hell!

  3. YAY! That vest soooooo belongs to you! I just went through the blog, I love what you’re doing!!!! Keep it up lady pants!

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