What’s In My Bag?

I got a new bag this week! Yay me! It’s the Rebel Without a Purse Backpack from Modcloth and not only is it HEAVENLY for my sore and stiff shoulder (oh man it’s been a rough month on my back) but it fits practically everything!! I’ve really been enjoying all the What’s In My Bag posts that have popped up all week in my RSS Feed and figure “What the Hay” I can do one of those too! So check out all the awesomeness that this bag holds!

1- Rebel Without a Purse Backpack from Modcloth

2- Vintage leopard print scarf I won through a Calivintage giveaway

3- Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin – I always like to have a book on hand and this is what I am currently reading. It’s fantastic but I’m almost done! Anyone have any suggestions for a new book once I’m through with this one?

4- Jonathan Adler 2011 Calendar/Planner – This is where I do all my scheduling for work and play. It also hold my notes for what films I want to see this year and when their release dates are, grocery lists, pictures of my cat, To-Do lists and more!

5- Rowan Morrison Vintage Paper Notebook – This awesome journal holds all my notes for creative projects. From blogging to paintings and notes for my screenplay. Oh yeah, you probably don’t know about my screenplay. 😉

6- Prescription Glasses – I need new ones but for now these will do.

7- Sunglasses from UO

8- Orange Skull Scarf my friend Emily brought back to me from Germany.

9- Zipper Pouch made by my friend Ariel that holds my vices.

10- Money Pouch I got at Renegade Craft Fair last year in SF. I totally can’t remember who the maker is but she had TONS of cute stuff. It holds my cash, ID, Debit Card, Business Cards, etc.

11- LUNCH! No not really, I eat. But this is really helped on my flight home from Ohio last week when I couldn’t have a real meal for 7 hours. Vitamins are essential!

12- My favorite pen – Uniball Vision Finepoint

13- Navy Leather Gloves – It gets CHILLY on a whim here in the Bay Area

14- Soothing Touch Peppermint Lip Balm – I also love the Lemongrass one but I keep that one at home. Gifts from my sister.

15- Keys – I keep three keys on here. One to my house, one to Pat’s parent’s house and one to the bike shed at work. The Lego key-chain has my sister’s name on it. She carries one with my name on it. Aren’t we cute?

16- Burt’s Bees Makeup Bag – I guess I could have shown you the contents of this one, but that might best be left for another post!

17- Phone Charger – oops! I left my phone off of here by accident! It’s a piece of crap Boost Mobile phone anyway, no need for sharing.

18- Umbrella! Man does it ever rain here in the winter! I always carry this.

How exciting! Now you basically know me! ha. It IS funny how you can tell a lot about someone by what they carry with them everyday. If only I had a candy bar in there it would be perfect!

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my bag!


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