Columbus, Ohio: Where The Snow Is Ice

Here is a little photo dump post with pics from my recent trip home to Ohio. It was supposed to snow a foot while Pat and I were there but it only ever snowed about an inch. Everything was covered in ICE though. Freezing Rain…yeah buddy! Pat got some really great shots of the ice coating everything and we would love to share a few with you!

This last photo was taken of my Elementary School. Seen at night like this, all icy and lit up is something special. Even in this sort of blurry photo. My entire family went to this school. From my oldest Uncle to my youngest Cousin, who is currently a 5th grader there.

We spent some quality time with my family sledding and building a snow man. Here are a couple shots of our frigid adventure in my grandma’s backyard. The deer were just chilling there when we showed up, aren’t they adorable?

Pat and I being cute.

My youngest cousin, Skylar, and I working on the snowman’s face.

Hammin’ for the Cam.

And here are a couple cute pics of my sister and I. I miss her so much when I’m in California and it was really sad leaving but I will see her (and the rest of my family) soon! It had been almost two years since I was last in Ohio and I had been feeling quite homesick. Just being around them for a short period of time makes me feel all refreshed for life! I really love my family and miss them on a daily basis. If only Ohio and California were closer geographically!

Love Her!

Anyway, thanks for indulging in my little Ohio Love post. I miss that place and the people so much already. Pat and I had a really great time while we were there. We did some record shopping, ate at Nancy’s and Buckeye Donuts and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, hung out with our friends Jimmy and Jose, played TONS of Yahtzee and Apples to Apples with my family, went to my bff Scotty’s Morrissey themed DJ night and saw a bunch of my friends there, did some sledding, got tattooed and so much more amazing stuff! I really do love Columbus.


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