2/30 – Two and a Dime

Well, we tried to get these photos taken in day light today but it just wasn’t in the cards. So indoor photos will just have to do! I’m such a fan of these built-ins in our living room though and you can see the pigeon skeleton on the top shelf! It just occurred to me that he/she doesn’t have a name yet. Any suggestions?

Here’s another simple outfit post for you. I’ve tried to think of creative and interesting ways to wear this vintage shrunken Pendleton and I think it looks really cute with this skirt. Though I wonder if I should have paired it with a skinny belt. What do you think?

Oh, and notice how I’m not wearing tights! In February!

Top – Vintage Shrunken Pendleton – From the Clothing Swap I hosted last month

Skirt – Corduroy A-Line from Crossroads Trading Co. in Santa Cruz

Shoes – Bass – Brown Leather Wedges – I love these but I need in-soles for them badly. My arch doesn’t match up with any heels and so they are usually rather uncomfortable. These will be awesome once the in-soles are in them! So cushy and nice.

Bracelets – Randomly acquired over years and years of collecting though I rarely wear them. Time to change that!

Ring – Gift from my sister some 12 years ago. I wear this every day

Earrings – Hand Made by my friend Nina

Today was a good day. It was warm and I spent the day in my office with the window wide open. YAY for 80 degree weather in February! Pat and I grabbed a quick Thai dinner and are now snuggly in bed typing away at our keyboards together. How sappy and cute is that? I’m going to read some of my Ursula K. Le Guin book and drift off to sleep early this evening. At least that’s the plan!

Until Tomorrow Dearies!


Song/Title – Two and a Dime by Current

2 responses to “2/30 – Two and a Dime

  1. I had a shrunken Pendleton (in the same olive-y greens as yours) that I wore for years. I loved that shirt!

    & YES… this Bay Area weather has been incredible! I wore ballet flats today w/ out tights!

  2. amazing isn’t it! Last week I was in 15 degree weather in Ohio and it’s just making this weather that much more awesome.

    hey i got this pendleton at a clothing swap. do you know anna brown? maybe she ended up with yours! haha.

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