My 30 For 30 Picks!

Hello All!

I’m going to attempt to take part in Kendi’s 30 For 30 challenge once again. Last Fall I did pretty well though I had a lot of trouble getting my photos taken everyday. So please forgive me if I don’t post every day. Be assured though that I will be following the challenge even when I do not post.

With that being said, I have set a few of my own rules. I will only be participating on weekdays. 5 days a week for 6 weeks. But the weekends are reserved for tees and jeans and whatever else floats my boat! Also, I did not include any jackets, hoodies or tanks in my picks this time around. The weather is so challenging to work with here in the Bay Area and I will need all these layering items almost every day. I wear a tank, hoody AND jacket every day. Trying to fit all of that into the 30 items would have been a greater challenge than I am ready for. Especially since the weather has been in the 70’s and sunny all week, yet next week it could be the 40’s and rainy. Yuck!

Ok ok, enough chitter chatter. Here are my picks!

What do you think Ya’ll?



5 responses to “My 30 For 30 Picks!

  1. I love your pics! I never great with vests, so I’m interested to see how you remix them. I’m also excited to see how you remix that black + lace vintage dress and that pendelton!

  2. Thanks Nicole! Yeah vests can be tough! I’ve been wanting to wear that Moschino vest more and can never figure out how to wear it. So I threw it into the challenge in hopes that I will force myself to make it work! The blue vest pretty much goes with everything so that one will be easy. That black vintage dress is PERFECT. My sister bought it a few years ago when we were at a flea market and I was SO ENVIOUS. On my trip home this past week she gave it to me! So I MUST include it. There is a white lace cutout on the back too though I’m not sure if you can tell in the photos. This is going to be a fun one!

    One thing, I didn’t realize I had so much red. I’ve been coveting blue and violet pieces lately and don’t have much. I need to remedy that!

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  4. you have some great stuff! can’t wait to see more of your remix outfits.

    • Thanks! I’m sort of regretting some of my choices but i knew that would happen. I’m really falling in love with some other ones though, which s a pleasant surprise!

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