The Dress Project!

What’s in your closet? I’ve taken stock of my closet and discovered that I own more than 30 dresses! So I’m starting The Dress Project where I will be wearing all the dresses I own and writing about them here. After being a part of Kendi’s 30 for 30 challenge in November I’ve thought long and hard about all the unused clothing I have. I happen to have a very well stocked closet, but most of it doesn’t see the light of day! Unacceptable!  This will be challenging for me because some of my dresses haven’t been worn in years. The unworn dresses are primarily vintage dresses that need repairing, are for fancier events or they are items I just simply haven’t had time to figure out how to style just yet. I’ve gotten some as gifts, borrowed some from my mom’s closet years ago or bought them on a whim. I hate seeing them just sit there and the dress section in my closet just keeps growing and growing!

So, what I would like to do is set a goal to wear all the dresses in my closet within the next year. I know I know, a year is so long! Too long maybe, but after really accessing what my options are and how much time I have available to do outfit posts, I believe a year is exactly the right amount of time I need to make this project work.  However, I won’t be heartbroken if I end up wearing and posting about all the dresses before the year is up. Maybe it will only take me a couple of months!

I’ve begun a closet overhaul and purge as one of my 2011 goals and on January 22 I’ll be holding a Naked Lady Party at my house so that my friends can help me purge my closet of unwanted/unworn items. A few dresses will be going away in this purge so I’ll have a less to work into the Dress Project. However, a few NEW dresses might make it into my wardrobe that day as well. The hope is that I purge items I won’t wear and only gain items that fill gaps in my wardrobe, so maybe I won’t actually add any dresses after-all. I guess I’ll find out on the 22nd!


  • Wear all of my dresses at least once within the next year – including any new dresses I acquire.
  • Repair any damage to the dresses or make alterations to make any unwearable dresses, well, wearable.
  • Post photos of the dresses as I wear them – write about what I love about each dress and any back history about how it came into my hands.
  • Assess what worked and didn’t work and sell, donate, or share any dresses that I feel are not for me.

And of course I would like to start the Dress Project now! Pat’s wonderful mother Nancy got me a really great Modcloth dress for Xmas that I’ve wanted to wear all week. She really did a fantastic job picking out this dress – I love it! It’s different from anything else I have and yet totally fits in with everything in my closet. I had no problems styling it at all and really LOVE the look I came up with.

Dress – Navy/Cream – Modcloth

Belt – Brown Leather – Vintage

Tights – Grey Footless

Socks – Black Thigh High – American Apparel

Boots – Brown Suede – Rebels

Pat, My Love, has been taking my photos on his iPhone but we are hunting for a new camera. Possibly a DSLR. I am so excited! I can’t wait to learn how to use a real camera and start getting some really fantastic shots (it will also help me with my potential Etsy shop when I open it). Thank you again to Pat for being such a good sport and taking photos for me.

What about you guys – Do you have a lot of unworn dresses in your closet too? Is there an item you wish you wore more often yet just sits in your closet?



11 responses to “The Dress Project!

  1. What a great project/resolution! I can’t wait to see this progress.

  2. this is such a good idea. i’ve been trying to come up with a good 30 for 30 plan, but something like this would be good for me. i also have so much in my closet that i never ever wear!

  3. Such a fun idea! I wish that I had more dresses now, I kind of want to do this!

  4. awesome project! looking forward to watching it unfold!

  5. Agreed — I’m pretty sure I wear like 10% of my clothing. There’s just so much stuff either you buy but don’t love, or you love but it doesn’t go with anything else. Have fun wearing all your dresses!

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