Cabinet of Curiosity

My beautiful boyfriend Pat got me the best x-mas present ever this year. It is exactly what I wanted! It’s not something I asked for or but is something I have been coveting for years – he’s so smart and thoughtful! Pigeons, bones, taxidermy are some of my favorite things. I love specimens. I’ve always had an affinity for such things but when I took a curating class in college we studied Curiosity Cabinets and It really affected my desire for such things. I want my house to look like a curiosity cabinet! Pat’s gift is another addition to my collection!

I read a few blogs that are for all intents and purposes Cabinets of Curiosity in blog form. Here are a few of my favorites for you to check out!

Blood Milk

Cabinet of Curiosity

Fernbeds: The Art of Nicomi Nix Turner

Resurrection Fern

I’ve been looking for some Tumblr’s that focus on curiosities but haven’t really delved in enough to find anything that really inspires me. Maybe I should start my own!

I actually think the above photo is pretty adorable. I’m so happy to finally have my little pigeon skelly. I also want to thank Pat for such an awesome gift. I love you angel!

So, what was your favorite x-mas gift this year? Did you get anything special?



3 responses to “Cabinet of Curiosity

  1. I love it! My hubby still makes fun of me because I told all our friends I found a snake skin in our yard, and a hummingbird skeleton. The Oakland hills are so fully of (strange) goodies.

    My best present this year was a faux fur vest I mentioned wanting on my blog. A friend read my post and told hubby, it was a total surprise since I hadn’t actually asked for it.

    I know this is random but I could swear I’ve seen your bf by my work here and there. Downtown Oakland?

    • yeah i love skellys and bones and taxidermi. I’ve been wanting to attack Piedmont Cemetery searching for owl pellets. I want to dissect them and use them in art projects.

      my bf definitely worked in downtown oakland up until a couple months ago. do you go to Peets?

      what blog???

  2. Ahhh! That’s it! I used to go to Peet’s all the time until a few months ago. Small world!

    If you ever want company on your Piedmont Cemetery trip, just holler. It’s been recently recommended to me and I been dying to go. I was an owl for halloween… !

    my blogs are:
    The House in the Clouds, a small style blog:
    The Places I’ve Been, a poetry blog:

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