Year End List – Favorite Style Blogs

Here’s a quick list of my favorite style blogs I found in 2010! Again, in no particular order.

1 – Here’s Looking At Me Kid

2 – A Beautiful Mess

3 – Bluebird Vintage

4 – Calivintage

5 – Delightfully Tacky

6 – Keiko Lynn

7 – Little Chief Honeybee

8 – Style Rookie

9 – The Clothes Horse

10 – YeYe! Style

11 – Orchid Grey

12 – Sally Jane Vintage

13 – Fashion Forestry

14 – Lulu Letty

What are your favorite style blogs? Did you find inspiration from anyone in particular this year? I would love to hear about what inspired you because I love checking out new (to me) bloggers!



5 responses to “Year End List – Favorite Style Blogs

  1. Some of these are new to me – thanks for the new blogs to check out! 🙂
    One of my favorites is and I highly recommend both if you’ve never checked them out before!

    • yay! yeah those two are totally on my radar and have been following them for a couple weeks now. I can’t wait to see more from both! Maybe they will be on my list for next year!

  2. Lots of good ones on your list. 🙂 Tavi at Style Rookie kills me (oh, to be that clever and stylish at 13….). I’m a little obsessed with street style blogs, like and hope you’re well, love!

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