Music – Ottawa Re-Issue 12″

“OTTAWA– 12″ Re-Issue (from the groundbreaking 12″ split with JIHAD from 1994!!!) has been delayed longer than what was intended, but is now out! It will be limited to only a 750 copies with an amazing new master and mix plus new artwork (by Matt Weeks and Vincent Chung)! This is one of the darkest and most brutal sounding bands to ever come out of Detroit since Negative Approach. A true hidden classic that blends the speed of early grindcore with a painful hardcore precision… No fucking 90’s emo on this ripper! It includes the only recording done by this band featuring tracks that are long out of print on various comps. (Lengua Armada records) and the split LP (Council Records/ Abiology Records). So many people missed out hearing this record back over the last 16 years… do not sleep on this record!”

This is one of my top ten records of all time. If you like heavy, brutal and political punk like I do, then this is for you too! I already own three copies of the original Jihad/Ottawa split 12″ that came out in 1994 but I’ll be picking this one up to add to my collection as well! With new artwork and a few comp tracks I’ve never heard before – it is a must!



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