“Little House” Gift Guide – $75 & Under

Lately I’ve been very inspired by Little House on the Prairie. I’ve found my eyes attracted to pinafores, calico fabrics, puff sleeves and ruffles. I can’t escape it! I keep seeing Little House and Holly Hobby all around me and I love it! I can’t wait to wear my hair in cute pigtail braids like little Laura Ingraham!  In addition, this year is the 75th Anniversary of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Books and the Anniversary Edition of the book would make a perfect x-mas gift for any young lady, especially in addition to the magnetic paperdolls that I just love.

Little House on the Prairie Season 1 DVD – $19

Little House on the Prairie 75th Anniversary Edition Book – $12

Vintage Quilted 80’s Jacket – $28

Hats in the Belfry Fascinator – $35

Forever Floral Dress – $48

Handmade/Illustrated  Paperdolls- Pioneer Family inspired by Little House on the Prairie – $75

Vintage Holly Hobby Style 1970s Floral Cameo Ring – $12

Vintage Bonnet Wine Cork Recycled Necklace – $22


Little known fact: I have collected paperdolls since I was 7 years old. I bought my first set of them at a garage sale down the street from my grandparents house and ever since I just can’t stop! In elementary school I would sit for hours drawing my own and later I would go to the Public Library and photocopy paperdolls out of doll magazines in the Periodicals section and  color them in at home with colored pencils. I have albums and boxes full of them in storage at my Mom’s house. I love them to this day so when I found the Little House inspired paperdoll set on Etsy I just couldn’t resist adding them to this list. I want I want!


2 responses to ““Little House” Gift Guide – $75 & Under

  1. Love, love this gift roundup. I’m a huge fan of Little House in the Prairie — in fact, I have “On the Banks of Plum Creek” in my bag right now, hehe. Love the jacket and that pretty dress!

    Sidewalk Chic (formerly Sidewalk Chalk)

  2. SWOON! I had an eccentric great-aunt who had a library in her home, and whenever I would visit her I would make a beeline for her Little House on the Prairie collection. I would spend HOURS holed up there reading and wishing I were Laura. 🙂

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