LA or Bust!

I’m spending Thanksgiving in LA with my boyfriend and some of our good friends, Ariel and Paul and their families. I’m super excited for the Holiday and to spend it with friends in a town I don’t really know well at all! I can’t wait to share photos with you guys from our trip but I have a question for you!

What are your favorite places in LA?

I’ll probably be going to Hollywood to visit Amoeba Music on Friday. I’ve worked for the Amoeba up here in Berkeley for three years but still have never visited the coveted Hollywood Amoeba! I can’t wait for the behind the scenes tour! Ha.

So, are there any places you love for shopping, eating, seeing or just whatever? I would love to check out some of your favorite spots!

Here’s a little photo of the Amoeba in Hollywood that I’ll be visiting. Beyond this…I’m clueless!



2 responses to “LA or Bust!

  1. Shopping: Goodwill in Hollywood. The best crap ever.
    Eating: EL Grand Burrito. It’s a Mexican place in a parking lot on Santa Monica and Vermont (in Silverlake/Los Feliz). When I’m back in LA I go at least 3 times. Also, check out the new Kogi trucks. They are all the rage and worth it. They have a Twitter page with their location every night.
    Fun: Spaceland for music, MOCA West for interesting art, Irwindale Speedway for some demolition derby fun, and the Standard downtown for expensive drinks and an awesome view.
    I lived there for 11 years and have been gone for 2 and 1/2. I miss it.
    Have fun!

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