Covetables: Miss Violet Lace!

UPDATE: Apparently Miss Violet Lace was scamming her customers and NOT hand making her wigs – she was buying them off of ebay and reselling them. Find out more info here:

I’ve been desperate for years for cotton candy pink hair. But whenever I attempt to bleach my DARK dark dark hair it just turns orange. Then my dark brows and olive skin tone clash with my light hair. I was just reading Kaelah’s blog Little Chief Honeybee and discovered Miss Violet Lace! MVL hand makes wigs in almost any color of the rainbow! So instead of bleaching the heck out of my hair and ruining it just to realize that pink is not for me, I can just put on this pretty pink wig below and pretend that Its the right coloring for me…just for one night! Right? Also they are running a contest which you can read about on Little Chief Honeybee. If YOU are like ME and want to play around with colorful hair then I urge you to enter!



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