My Mommy’s First Tattoo

When my mom and sis were here last month my mom got a crow tattoo to go with the one my sister, Emily, got when she visited me last year. Below is a shot of my buddy Sonju tattooing my mom – so great! Below that is a shot of the outline but somehow we all forgot to get a shot of the finished product – gah!

You probably don’t know this already but my family has had a crow as a pet for almost 20 years, which is what started the crow themed tattoo phenomenon. My sister got hers (it was her first) and so my mom wanted one too! Soon, I will have mine as well and we will be a murder! Too cute, I know.

Here’s a photo of Kini (short for Bikini Kill – my sisters favorite band at the time) – or you can call him Fred like my mom. Either one works for him! Btw, he’s not really all ragged, my sister was giving him a bath!



9 responses to “My Mommy’s First Tattoo

  1. I had NO IDEA that your family had a crow! This makes me love you even more. Also, our mommas have tattoos in the same spot. 🙂

  2. i may be able to see it on sunday afternoon. maybeeee. how is your schedule?

  3. Oh my goodness, he is so cute! I honestly never thought I would say that about a crow. Ha ha. 🙂 Love this post!

    • Thanks! He’s awesome…he will play with us and we can pet him and he talks to us and everything. He’s pretty fantastic.

      He even says *oooo oooo* if you undress in the same room as him. its hilarious and no one can figure out how he learned it!

  4. I fucking love it!

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