Outfit #2 – 30 for 30 – Snowball

One of my co-workers kept called me snowball today. Either that or he said I reminded him of his pet Pomeranian. I’ll take them both as a compliment! I love snowballs AND Pomeranians!

top – White vintage angora sweater – gift from my friend Dina

dress – Black turtleneck mini-dress – Laundry – gift from my friend Casey

shoes – Black t-strap flats – Kimchi Blue – Urban Outfitters

accessories – Plugs/made by my friend Nina – Bracelet/gift from Mom – Tights/black & white polka dot that I cut off at the ankles – Socks/black knee highs

I wanted to wear something simple today to balance out yesterday’s pattern overload. I think I did ok. I added this sweater to my remix items because I am normally a little too timid to wear it. It is so puffy! So I’m challenging myself to wear something that’s a little scary for me.

Do YOU think I pulled this outfit off? What could I have done differently? A necklace maybe? A belt?



8 responses to “Outfit #2 – 30 for 30 – Snowball

  1. great outfit and i love the fluffly soft sweater!! i think a belt may have been a nice addition to add a bit of definition to the waistline.

    i’m in love with your tights too!!


    • Thanks! i definitely thought about adding a skinny black belt and then moved more toward the simple. You’re probably right – it may have worked a better with a belt – it looks like i’m wearing a comfy sack! I guess wearing a sack isn’t necessarily a bad thing! ha.

  2. Love the sweater! Really cute outfit! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  3. I love your tights! 🙂 I like the angora sweater. I usually stay away from them because I feel like they shed like my cats, but I bet that one is super soft and super warm. 🙂


    • thanks!

      haha…yes! it shed like crazy! I’m beginning to wonder how smart it was to put TWO angora sweaters in my remix choices. At least the other one is black – and cropped. It was ridiculously warm though and I need warmth for sure!

  4. I love this outfit as is! This sweater looks so cozy and soft, I just want to pet it! I had an angora sweater a few years ago and loved it. Why did I get rid of it? Good question. 🙂

    • Thanks Katie! I left the belt off because I wanted to keep it simple and soft. I only second guessed the addition of accessories because I’m posting it for everyone to see. if i were choosing it without that on my mind i probably wouldn’t even think of it. haha.

      did you see there are TWO angora sweaters in my remix?

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