The Vegan Omnivore Manifesto – I Love Food and I Eat Everything

I really do love food and I really will eat everything…mostly.

I also:

  • respect other people’s diet choices
  • crave brisket & non-dairy mac n’ cheese alike
  • love the challenge of preparing all different types of food
  • strive to make it a little easier for people to find the foods they love and need
  • love the hunt for the perfect thin pizza, fake chicken, melty vegan cheese, pulled pork, fake bacon, spicy mustard, goat cheese, sausage gravy, and on and on and on…

Being a vegan omnivore is a challenge for many reasons. Firstly, It’s sort of a joke – vegan’s normally don’t like that. No, I am not making fun of vegans. I LOVE vegan foods. I want to eat vegan as often as possible. I think a vegan diet is valid and lovely and vegan foods are worthy of being looked at by all as daily food options – simply because they are yummy! I also LOVE meat and cheese. Secondly, Omnivores are often mean and skeptical about vegans and vegan cooking, thinking all vegans want to change their way of eating. This may be true at times, there are assholes everywhere, but from my experience the vegans I know just want options and/or are excellent cooks! They don’t care what you’re eating at all! Thirdly, some vegans don’t understand why I am so vegan obsessed since I do eat meat and cheese. Honestly, besides what I’ve already said, I don’t know!

What I do know is that I love fake chicken more than real chicken (go Layona’s!) and real bacon more than fake bacon. It’s as simple as that.

I’m planning to start a feature on Motley Stew where I share random meals that I’ve eaten, entire daily meals plans and sometimes recipes. I just want to give an idea of how I healthily incorporate vegan foods into my diet. The below meal plan is what I’m eating today and is a rare glimpse into a completely vegan day. Usually I have meat or dairy incorporated somewhere in there but not today!

Today’s meals:

Breakfast – 8 Ancient Grains Bar with almonds & cranberries

Lunch – Orzo Salad with Field Roast Vegan Sausage, fresh spinach, diced tomatoes and toasted walnuts. (I would normally add goat cheese, fresh mozzarella or grated parmesan to the top but I forgot it at home!)

Dinner – roasted butternut squash, white rice and sautéed green beans with toasted sesame seeds.



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