Santa Cruz or Bust!

It was really fantastic to have my family here visiting me. My mom and sister are like my best friends and growing up with it just the three of us was pretty darn special! We know each other so well and sometimes that familiarity is missing in my life. Anyway…we had a great time on our road trip and I have more to share!

After we spent the day at the MB Aquarium we headed up to Santa Cruz for a little shopping at Crossroads Trading Co. and dinner at Hula’s Island Grill & Tiki Room! Now I’ve been to a few different Crossroads in the Bay Area but NOTHING compares to the one in Santa Cruz! Not only was I able to find so many awesome clothing items on their half filled shelves, but priced at half the price of the stores in Berkeley, Oakland and SF. AND they had cute shoes in my size! That never happens because I wear a size 9.5 and there simply aren’t as many options in thrift or resale stores. I found a great pair of Seychelle’s flats that I can’t stop wearing ($8), a Limited Suede skirt ($4.50)  and a really cute navy knit polka dot jacket ($6). I feel like I’m missing an item…hmmm.

After shopping we had dinner at Hula’s, my favorite Hawaiian Restaurant in Santa Cruz! The only Hawaiian Restaurant in Santa Cruz? ha. Anyway, I have been wanting to eat a real meal here after stopping in for a quick bite during Happy Hour last summer – the day after my friend Jena’s wedding. The snacks and drink I had that day were incredible so I was practically begging my mom, sis and Pat to eat here.  Eventually I was able to convince them (they caught a glimpse of the menu and that did it) and man o’ man were our meals fantastic! Pat even snapped some before and after pics of his Half Pounder Burger with shiitake mushrooms. I got the Blackened Ahi Tuna Burger. AMAZING.

Before munching

After munching – I think he liked it – What do you think?

After dinner we all headed over to the Boardwalk. Since it was pretty late on Sunday night none of thee rides were running or anything but we were able to walk around, snap some photos in a photobooth, play a shoot em’ style boardwalk game and take a gander at the train trellis used in the film The Lost Boys.

Pat and Emily had a shoot off! I’m pretty sure Pat won by a landslide.

The Boardwalk Casino – We did NOT play any slots!



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